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BiofreshTech aspires to the PERTE of the electric vehicle

BiofreshTech, startup co-founded by Logistics Costa Dorada -with headquarters in the city of Tarragona and whose CEO, Rafael Matamoros from Reusis also at the forefront of this business project-, has just been included in a consortium led by QEV Technologieswhich aspires to participate in the development of new electric vehicles through the imminent PERTE (Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation) of the Electric and Connected Vehicle (PERTE VEC).

Endowed with 2,975 million euros from the extraordinary instrument Next Generation EU of the European Commission (EC)the new PERTE VEC will shortly close the admission period for the consortiums that aspire to these grants, where the one led by QEV Technologies seeks to strengthen the Barcelona Free Zone a manufacturing hub for connected electric vehicles and related technologies.

Air conditioning without the need for an electrical network

  • Patent With Rafael Matamoros (general director) and Javier Guillén (R&D director) as outstanding promoters, BiofreshTech has a patented technology for air conditioning without the need for connection to the electricity grid. With a small electrical charge, a chemical compound developed and patented by this startup allows a thermal accumulator to have autonomy that can last several days, with real-time control of the desired temperature.
  • world Bank In 2020, this startup co-founded by Logistics Costa Dorada, based in Tarragona, was selected by the IFC, a member of the World Bank, to promote sustainability projects in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning in countries such as Mexico and Colombia.
  • PERTE VEC BiofreshTech has just been included in the consortium led by QEV Technologies, together with 14 other companies, which will present an application to the Ministry of Industry on May 3 to be part of the next PERTE (Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation) of the Vehicle Electric Connected (PERTE VEC). The contribution of this startup in this consortium will be the air conditioning and refrigeration technology for the electric vehicles that QEV Technologies will manufacture within the framework of the Nissan Free Zone reindustrialization plan.

QEV Technologies has been awarded, along with btechof the Nissan Free Zone land and facilities to launch a reindustrialization plan based on an electromobility hub who, a few days ago, presented in public Zeroid, the first electric vehicle brand to come out of former Nissan facilities.

BiofreshTech is also immersed in this projectresponsible for the air conditioning systems of these vehicles, still in the development phase, and that with its inclusion in the consortium led by QEV Technologies for the PERTE VEC, it could accelerate the deployment of passenger compartment air conditioning and refrigeration technologies, both for vehicles as cargo spaces for refrigerated commercial vehicles.

Presentation in Mexico of a refrigerator prototype for 7-Eleven. Photo: Courtesy.

With a own patented cooling technology without the need to connect to the electrical current -which allows you to have a thermal battery with multiple applications in sectors as diverse as food, medical, pharmaceutical, logistics, automotive or agricultural-, BiofreshTech is now in the middle of the market access phase, with fifteen product lines that they intend to launch through agreements with various industrial partners.

this coming summer, Raphael Matamoros, CEO of BiofreshTechtrusts that one of the verticals they are working on will be released on the market: thermal accumulators for the pharmaceutical sector, designed for the transport of blood and tissues. At the end of the year, they hope to add the cooling of the ‘last mile’ delivery electric vehicle charging areas, where their autonomous accumulators will allow this cooling to be unlinked from the vehicle’s primary battery.

BiofreshTech’s business model, where seven people spread out between Castelldefels and Valencia currently work, is based on technology transfer licences, supported by various external industrial partners who are in charge of manufacturing the product.

They have a leading company in the distribution sector as their first customer for this product line, and they trust that the inclusion of the consortium led by QEV Technologies in PERTE VEC will give them a boost in the application of their technology in the refrigeration areas and vehicle air conditioning.

Supermarket fridges or cold rooms with autonomy from the electricity grid are other products that are also in an advanced stage of development, and could go on the market this year.

With a licensing business model and fifteen industrial partners for product development, this startup It has invested around 3 million euros since its foundation a little over three years ago. They expect to close the year 2023 with revenues of 25 million euros, to reach 120 million in 2024.

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