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Begins pre-registration for high school and mid-grade FP for continuity students of 4 ESO

The pre-registration period for the baccalaureate and for the vocational training (FP) of intermediate grade for the continuity students of 4th of ESO has begun this Wednesday. Students of basic vocational training and those under 18 years of age who are taking a Training and Insertion Program, the specific course for access to intermediate grades or who pass the entrance exam may also pre-register for intermediate level FP. And it is that this year, the pre-registration of the intermediate grade FP begins earlier for the continuity students, who will be able to do it until April 26, while the rest of the students will do it between May 17 and 23. In total, Education offers 8,788 groups of post-compulsory education.

Among these, there are baccalaureate, intermediate and higher grade FP, artistic education, sports education, specific training itineraries (IFE), training and insertion programs (PFI), basic FP, performing arts and specialization courses.

Among the novelties of the FP for the next academic year, there is the creation of the Logistics Institute of Barcelona, ​​the implementation of the first cycle of intermediate degree of Techniques in urban dance in the teachings of special regime or the creation of new profiles in Activities Assistant sports, in health centers, in leather manufacturing, in the preparation and marketing of fish and shellfish or as an assistant in the care of animals and green spaces. Four new basic grade training cycles are also created: domestic activities and building cleaning; Reform of buildings; Kitchen and restoration; and food industries.

The offer is also increased in cycles such as Driving road transport vehicles -medium grade-, Promotion of Gender Equality and Renewable Energies -both higher grade-. And to respond to the areas with the greatest demand in recent years, 38 groups have increased in the IT sector and 33 groups in the health field.

As for the baccalaureate, next year there will be a new center that will teach the double baccalaureate degree with sports and/or artistic education in three years. Thus, a total of 16 will be reached throughout Catalonia. It will be at the Joan Oró Institute in Lleida.

On the other hand, the general baccalaureate modality provided for in the new curriculum regulations will be implemented in a pilot phase in a total of 13 public institutes.

As for the Institut Obert de Catalunya (IOC), the next academic year will offer 21 cycles of FP: five of medium degree, 13 of superior degree and three specialization courses in FP; as well as the baccalaureate modalities.

Pre-registration will be completely electronic. In the case of high school, priority is given to students who have studied secondary school in an affiliated center – a situation that does not apply in the case of the arts modality.

As for the FP, the pre-registration requests are ordered according to the specific processes and the different access routes to the cycles, and within each access route according to the priority criterion of the median qualification of the studies, the course or the entrance test for each student. In addition, a number is assigned to each request randomly. This number is used in case of a tie.

The pre-registration for the higher degree cycle and plastic arts and design will be done between May 25 and 31.

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