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Baqueria Beret closes the best season in its history

Baqueria Beret has said goodbye to what it considers to be the best season in its history thanks to the good snow, the good weather and the continuous flow of visitors during all the months that it has been open. 1,033,453 days of skiing have been registered, or what would be the equivalent ski passes sold over 143 days in operation, from November 27 to April 18. From the station these results are positively valued, after two years conditioned by the covid-19 pandemic and it has been verified that snow lovers wanted to be able to practice their favorite sport again. For this reason, a large volume of both national and international visitors has been noted.

The station was able to open on the last weekend of November thanks to the first snowfalls that accumulated up to 40 centimeters and also the low temperatures that made it possible to produce snow and keep the ski area available to skiers from day one. The start of the season was marked by the Puente de la Purísima, with 60,000 skiers and 2 meters of snow. At Christmas, 159,000 skiers were registered with the resumption of normal practice after the pandemic.

The different competitions, the good conditions and the entire open ski area have meant that the months of January, February and March have maintained the large influx of skiers. Holy Week, according to those responsible for the complex, has been the key point to exceed one million visitors and conclude a historic season at the Aranese station.

Throughout the season there have been 16 days of snowfall, with thicknesses of 146 centimeters on average and the meters accumulated this winter have been 899 centimeters at the highest levels with the sum of all the snowfalls. The minimum temperature of the season has been -13 degrees.

The most popular area of ​​the resort continues to be Baqueria, which accumulates 46% of skiers, followed by Beret, with 33.3% of users, where the large investments made last summer with the new lift have been noted. TSD Clòt der Os and more snow production. La Bonaigua has had 17.7% of skiers and Baciver the remaining 3%.

The 36 lifts of the station have transported 12,466,260 passengers and the average height difference for each of them has been 4,237 meters. Regarding the median number of lift trips, it has been 11.88 for each skier.

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