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Banc d’Espanya will be partially discontinued to reform it

New step so that the old Banc d’Espanya building can be recovered, which must be transformed into the Banc de la Ciència i el Coneixement (BCC). In this case, it is a procedure that affects the level of protection of the building, which is listed as Bé Cultural d’Interès Local (BCIL), so the works that can be done right now would be limited.

To overcome this obstacle, the Tarragona City Council proposes a partial de-catalogation of the building, so that by lowering the level of protection this impediment could be overcome. In the technical sheet of the urban subsidiary regulations it is stated that right now the 101 of the Rambla Nova is cataloged as ‘b’ and what they want to do is make it a ‘d’. “It refers to buildings in which only the façade and the historical parts of interest must be preserved, such as the lobby, while the rest of the dependencies and the interior of the building can be reformed in accordance with current regulations,” he explains. the councilor of Patrimoni, Herman Pinedo.

Pinedo highlights that “the building is still protected and the heritage values ​​are maintained.” Despite this, modifications may be made in accordance with the new project in terms of accessibility, modification of accesses and even in the skylight, which is scheduled to be replaced by a dome thirteen centimeters in diameter.

The local administration has the precedent of 2011. At that time an action was proposed that affected the outer fence, which was partially removed to transform the courtyard into a public thoroughfare. When the Territorial Commission for Cultural Heritage ruled, the action had to be suspended since the building was protected and, therefore, could not be touched.

Now, when the final rehabilitation project is being outlined, it has been decided to proceed with this modification. “We maintain the identity and essence of the building, but being able to act on it and that it can be adapted to the needs of the 21st century,” Pinedo continues explaining. This should make it easier for the property to be accessible, with the necessary lifts, fire-fighting measures and emergency exits in accordance with current regulations. “This does not mean that we change everything, but it allows us to have a margin of maneuver that we do not have now to develop actions,” he adds.

This proposal was debated yesterday morning within the framework of the Informative Committee on Education, Culture and Heritage, in which the issues that will go through next week’s plenary session were announced. In this first vote, this point went ahead with the votes in favor of the government team and the abstention of the opposition formations.

Built in 1928 by Juan de Zabala, these rooms have been in disuse since 2003, when they were closed. The Banc de la Ciència i el Coneixement is one of the projects that Tarragona City Council has submitted to the Next Generation funds.

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