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Automatic sweepers to control the access by vehicle to the Glorieta valley, to Alcover

The Glorieta valley, at the end of Alcover, has become in the last few years an attraction point for hikers and families willing to take the itinerary along the river or bathe in some of the gorgs. Many users use the parking lot that is at the beginning of the route, in the area connected to Mas de Forès, to leave the vehicle, a space that has been under control for years and has to be paid for.

Però molts dies s’ha to post the cartell de ple or, in others, s’ha to prohibit the parking per alt risc d’incendi. Ara, the Alcover City Council will donate one month and plan to install a system of automatic sweepers. Així, when the parking is estigui ple, automatically it is lowered the tanks and not s’haurà de fer manually, with fins ara. And this measure will be accompanied by screens that will facilitate the information at the moment, according to the Diary the mayor, Robert Figueras.

The Ginac Foundation

Mas de Forès is a municipal property located at the mig of the Glorieta valley. The area is managed by the Fundació Ginac, a nonprofit social initiative entity. Their members take care of both the farmhouse and the parking lot, which donates access to the hiking trails.

Also fan tasques of maintenance and vigilance of the recreational area and of the historical buildings that are at the lloc. Des d’aquest indret s’arriben als gorgs i al Niu de l’Àliga, on hi ha els salts del Glorieta.

«From fa any estem treballant in the project of incorporation of the automatic sweepers to the valley of the Glorieta», comments the mayor. The one that is tracta, he emphasizes, is «automating the parking» and guanyar in immediatesa: «When we see that it is full, and based on the time of the year, we can block the access from the Hermitage of the Remei».

Now the staff of Ginac is here with all the manuals. And how much access is there to the parking lot and finally, it’s down to the hermitage, and there are lots of cotxes that have washed up. «because there is a tram of a kilometer between them due». Amb aquesta automatització s’evitarà aquest impàs.

The intention of the City Council, said by the mayor, is not to reach the maximum parking capacity. It is allowed to park between 50 and 55 vehicles. Users, if they are registered in Alcover, will continue to be able to enter for free. Per això hi haurà a license plate reader. Others have to pay 10 euros to the booth, on hi there will be a machine. It is possible to pay both tarja or amb mòbil, “like in a city parking”, emphasizes Figueras.

Molts dies of spring, l’aparcament has to pose the cartell de ple. I per example during the past Holy Week. from dindres to dilluns, it is going to have to tank for a problem d’aforament. It is also foreseen the lowering of sweeps on summer days in which Pla Alfa is activated at level 2 or 3 due to the high risk of fire, as various times will pass all the time.

On these days, at the beginning of the road that goes to the Remei hermitage, in the village, there are prohibitive signs and also the municipal vigilants that prohibit the passage by vehicle. Both this new system is transmetrà l’estat als usuaris amb informative screens.
The project will be put out to tender for 106,218.83 euros. A high figure because, apart from the sweeps, I also have the cable connection and the Wi-Fi network to be able to donate services to the valley

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