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Aturem BCN World and Gepec present the allegations to the modification of the Hard Rock PDU

The platform Aturem BCN World and Gepec have presented allegations to the modification of the Urban Master Plan (PDU) of the Hard Rock project in Vila-seca i Salou (Tarragona), according to a joint statement this Tuesday. They assure that the new PDU represents a “significant mismatch” in the current territorial planning of the Camp de Tarragona and alters the balance between tourism, industrial activities and population centers. Also, that the PDU “leaves many unknowns in the event that investors back down and who should bear the resulting costs.” They warn of a “very high risk” that expenses must be assumed through the Institut Català del Sòl (Incasòl) if the project does not materialize. They assure that the PDU does not comply with the ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) on zone 1 of the CTI and that the new planning of green areas “constitutes a clear violation of the current legislation on the matter.”

Judgment of the TSJC

The modification of the PDU was initially approved on February 22 by the Territorial Urban Planning Commission of Camp de Tarragona after being ordered in September 2020 by the TSJC, which declared the PDU partially null and void. The sentence forced to modify the location and management of part of the systems of free spaces and public facilities of sector 1 of the project. The text considered that the free spaces of the sector did not have the “adequate functionality” and that they had an inadequate location in an area declared at risk of chemical accidents.

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