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Art in movement to conquer Espais Inerts

Performative arts in unconventional spaces in Tarragona. The Espais Inerts festival was inaugurated yesterday under this seal of identity, a new proposal for arts and movement that aims to capture the attention of the public, until tomorrow, from spaces such as the market and the Plaza del Fòrum, Casa Canals, Casa Castellarnau and the Teatre El Magatzem, and with a program that ranges from dissident dance to street performances, through cuplé or contortionism, among other disciplines.

«The philosophy of Espais Inerts is to host a series of proposals that oscillate between performance and dance and that contribute to activating inert spaces in the city, that is, places that are waiting to be activated from each of the artistic proposals”, details the director of Mèdol – Center d’Arts Contemporànies de Tarragona, Vicent Fibla.

Thus, after the screening of Handfluencer by Nico Baixas -an audiovisual piece that explores the language made with hands- in the Fòrum market, and the performance Pelat by Joan Català, in which it is the recovery of the gazes of the handmade works, the programming of the Espais Inerts festival will continue today. The programmed artistic proposals have in common the two pillars on which the festival is based: «On the one hand, promoting performative actions in non-theatrical spaces, and, on the other hand, promoting a sustainable artistic repertoire, insofar as the proposals contribute to to restore relevance to our contemporary scenic heritage”, highlights Marta Oliveres, cultural manager and curator of the festival.

Yesterday, the Fòrum market was one of the festival’s stages. PHOTO: Pere Ferré

Today the performative action will move to Casa Canals, specifically to the Saló de Ball and the terrace. «In the first space, starting at seven in the evening, the dancer and choreographer of La Sénia, Sònia Gómez will present Bailarina, a solo devised in 2014 that she recovers with the idea of ​​relocating it in an inert and unexpected space, in which it will be an exclusive performance for thirty people; while at 8:00 p.m., the choreographer and dancer Pere Faura will present the show Firefighters with large hoses, in which half-naked and accompanied by a hula-hoop will invite the public to reflect on the firefighter’s job as a pornographic image and desire» , details Vicent Fibla.

The first edition of the Espais Inerts festival will close tomorrow. On the last day, the main venues will be the Casa Castellarnau, the Saló de Ball de la Casa Canals and the Teatre El Magatzem. The first to act will be Marga Socías who will put herself in the shoes of a tourist guide in the alternative tour Hole & Corner travel agency through Casa Castellarnau (11 hours), and which will continue through the streets of the Part Alta of Tarragona until reaching Canal House. “It is a proposal that links the tradition and heritage of the city, so internalized in Tarragona”, highlights Fibla, while also taking a critical look at the stark forms of tourism.

Following this, Sònia Gómez will once again present the piece Bailarina (12:30 p.m.) at Casa Canals, while in the afternoon the performative action will move to the Teatre El Magatzem (8:00 p.m.) by Glòria Ribera and the show Parné, which combines the cuplé and the magazine, and that pays a heartfelt tribute to the essence of Barcelona’s Paral·lel with a contemporary and vindictive look, from the hand of one of the best-known representatives of the genre.

All shows are free except Glòria Ribera’s (8 euros). Likewise, to attend the performances of Sònia Gómez, Pere Faura and Marga Socías, prior reservation is necessary, the forms for which are available on the website

sustainable repertoire

Of all the proposals, Marta Oliveres highlights that “they are connected to each other because they are inspired by a trade, from that of a dancer to that of a tourist guide, passing through the myths about firefighters, traditional work with the hands, as well as the exaltation of artisan memory and trades that survive thanks to the technology of crafts, although it may seem like a contradiction. In turn, each one of them, in particular, and all together, in a general way, «promote us to observe the inert spaces that surround us from another perspective, that is, they contribute to making heritage known from another perspective , because art centers and museums are more than just buildings». Along the same lines, the added value of the Espais Inerts festival is that “it escapes from the conventional scenarios, that is, the proposals, due to their idiosyncrasy, where they feel most comfortable is outside the theatrical black box, and in this way they become be part of the scenography of the show and of the moment».

Finally, the cultural manager Marta Oliveres claims the sustainability of the shows, insofar as “they are still in the repertoire, since it is not necessary to produce when there is a scenic heritage that still has things to say and that can contribute new approaches”.

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