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Arrested twice in 15 days in Torredembarra

The Torredembarra Local Police arrested a 55-year-old neighbor for the second time in 15 days. The first arrest, on the 7th, was for an alleged crime of domestic violence. The one at dawn on Saturday, Diada de Sant Jordi, for breaking the restraining order imposed by a judge.

The facts were reported by the victim shortly before midnight from Friday to Saturday. She warned that she had been in her home, her ex-partner bothering her and she had a restraining order.

The guard patrol approached the victim’s home and interviewed her. The defendant was not. According to the neighbor, he had just left due to the risk of being seen by the agents. The patrol turned around and left after making a tour of the vicinity of the area.

But not even 10 minutes passed, when the same woman called the Local Police. On this occasion, the proximity of the patrol car made it possible to verify the victim’s complaint and find her ex-partner less than 100 meters away, when the order requires a distance of more than 300 meters.

Given this broken sentence, the agents arrested the neighbor and accused him of breaching the restraining order imposed by a judge. After the police protocol, the accused passed into the hands of Mossos already at dawn on the Diada de Sant Jordi.

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