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Arrested a squat that had frightened residents of Vilallonga

A 28-year-old man was arrested in Vilallonga del Camp by the Mossos d’Esquadra accused of having a marijuana plantation, having illegally connected to the water and electricity networks and having threatened the neighbours. The police intervention is the result of several months of investigation following complaints from the residents of this municipality. The individual, with several criminal records, had occupied two floors of the same block, in one of which he had a marijuana plantation. It is expected that today it will be handed over to the Investigating Court number 1 of Valls, which is on duty.

The Mossos d’Esquadra, in September of last year, received various information about a person who had occupied a flat in Vilallonga. He had the neighbors frightened, whom he even threatened. Agents from the Unitat d’Investigació of the Tarragona police station began to investigate. They verified that he had occupied a second floor and also that one of them gave off a strong smell of marijuana. Likewise, there were other parameters that confirmed it: excessive consumption of electricity and water, blinds lowered all day –although through the holes light could be seen inside–, noise from the air conditioners, etc.

Finally, in the early hours of last Wednesday morning, the agents simultaneously accessed the two floors with an entry and search warrant for a crime against public health, another of usurpation of property, water and electricity fraud and threats.

Once inside they identified the suspect, a known criminal with an extensive criminal history. On one of the floors there were 120 marijuana plants and the elements and tools to carry out the planting. In the other house there were remains of buds from an old plantation and tools.

The suspect was taken to the Mossos de Valls police station. He had in force a ban on approaching and communicating with a man for a crime of threats. He had been arrested on more than ten occasions, usually in Valls, such as on February 13, 2012 for robbery with force in seven bars, in 2014 in Tarragona for threats, on September 3, 2014 again in Valls for two robberies in even one time in 2015 in La Pobla de Mafumet for attacking the authority.

He has been sentenced on several occasions. On May 10 of last year, the Court of Tarragona imposed two years in prison for a continuous crime of robbery with force and belonging to a criminal organization or group, another two years for robbery with violence in people in an inhabited house with the use of weapons, two more for two crimes of damage by fire and one for a crime against public health.

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