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Are you passionate about the natural environment? Forma’t a l’Institut d’Horticultura

Are you thinking of dedicating yourself professionally to landscaping, the rural environment, gardening, the natural environment, education and environmental control or risk prevention? From May 17 to 23 and from May 25 to 31, the Institute of Horticulture and Gardening of Reus will open the pre-registrations for the cycles formatius de grau mitjà and superior respectively that they offer.

Specifically, the educational center offers a total of five higher grade cycles, three of them in late hours, and three mid-grad cycles and PFI. The cycles formatius of higher degree that are due to term are the one of Forest management and the natural environment and the one of Landscaping and rural environment in morning hours, the one of Risk prevention professionals, the one of Education and environmental control and the new cycle Chemistry and environmental health in the afternoon. Els cicles formatius de grau mitjà that is due to term are Aprofitament i conservació del medi natural, Jardinería i floristería i Producció agroecologica. I the PFI Auxiliar de vivers i jardins. Tots ells in matinee hours.

This organizational commitment of the center allows those students who are there to vulguin, puguin to combine studies and work without hourly incompatibilities. It should also be noted that the cycles that are taught have a very high labor insertion index and that there are many companies in the territory that include professionals with these profiles.

The Institute of Horticulture of Reus is not only characterized by its special training but also by its commitment to innovation, participating in numerous programs that promote it within the educational environment with the Quality and Millora project continues, Innova FP that ens to be benchmarks in innovation in our territory. Dual Vocational Training that allows us to follow all our cycles in DUAL training. FP Mobility offers the possibility to the student of a stay in a European country with an Erasmus+ scholarship.

Així mateix, encourage the involvement and creativity of students participating in competitions, which has provided various recognitions such as entrepreneurship and Skill competitions.

On May 7th, the Institute will host open days in person. All the information can be found on the website

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