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Antònia Llauradó Llort : «Volunteering gives me vitality and helps me carry piles»

Antònia Llauradó Llort (Reus, 1961) resides at Maspujols fa gairebé for four decades. Currently, she is the president of the Women’s Association ‘La Dàlia de Maspujols’, which is going to constitute the May of the Year 2000, «fruit of the illusion and the effort of a reduït group of gifts ia little by little the rest of the gifts of the poble is going to join the associatiu movement». Currently, she is made up of 300 associated gifts. Other than that, Antònia Llauradó is also the president of the Baix Camp Women’s Federation, while the other members of the board are Montserrat Matas Nogués de Montbrió del Camp (secretary); Lourdes Buldó Fort de Capafonts (vice president); Rosa Huguet Sabaté de l’Aleixar (treasurer); Dolors Nolla Mallafré from Vinyols i els Arcs (member); Felicitat Martínez Gros from Vilanova d’Escornalbou (member); i Enriqueta Sedó Pedrola de Duesaigües (member).

She will promote the Association of Women ‘La Dàlia de Maspujols’ during her sixth stage as councillor.

Yes. When she was thirty-nine years old, she was going to enter the Maspujols Town Hall as a councilor and from here she was going to promote the association, which she is the president of. Llavors, a few years later, she will begin to collaborate with the Baix Camp Blood Donors Association, and since Llavors I have always collaborated with the associative movement.

What has contributed to form part of these associations?

I have always been an active person and I like the contact with the people. Furthermore, volunteering brings a lot of vitality and helps to carry the piles.

Today, what skills do they have to have to be part of an association and not fail in the attempt?

So much the companies of the association with those of the federation, ins adonem that the young people, tot i that s’involucren, els hi cost to associate-se and commit, feel cert respecte and in some cases fear. When we are going to start, we don’t have this because, that’s to say, if we have to be a secretary or treasurer, assume the job sense cap problem. Yes, not tothom serve per tot, but between tots servim per a molt, it is to say, in a set of people who can contribute each of them to the tot.

From the Women’s Federation, which fan why did the young man continue to be more committed?

It’s complicated. Amb the next change of meeting to the federation, we are looking for young people, but on the coast we must find it. In general, the associations of women in the region are young and have few young members, so we try to involve them.

In els pobles, hi hagi a teixit associatiu fort es molt important.

Yes. It is relevant that all vagin associations are one. From the Association of Women ‘La Dàlia de Maspujols’ we always try to collaborate with other entities, with the Association of Families of Alumnes (AFA) – organizing activities and workshops jointly with the Association of Retirees, together with ‘objectiu d’involve the maximum number of people. S’ha de fer an effort, but little by little we achieved. In this sense, it is believed that establishing intergenerational relationships, between young people and older people, is highly valued by the associative movement.

Who is the state of health of the associations of gifts to the Baix Camp?

More than associations, today they are promoted by groups of gifts with common interests. Tot i that the year 2000 we will be able to have an entity in each municipality of the Baix Camp, in the darrers anys, in some localities of the region the associations of gifts that I had have disappeared.

The difficulty in keeping them, who is it?

As I dit abans, it is difficult for the common people to get involved in the meetings of the entities, but volunteers and volunteers are not very common.

The pandemic has empitjorat the situation?

Ens has harmed, since ens we have accommodated to be home and will not have to do many things.

How have they fought against this effect?

The new technologies have contributed to maintain contact, both between the members of the boards and the associates, and to be able to hold meetings and workshops, that is, we have activities and training online for two years. Aquest change has been very positive.

Is Tothom up to date in the technological field?

Little by little we are conseguint, but it is difficult. Així mateix, applications such as Whatsapp have helped to maintain a better communication.

To the associations the training is also constant?

The important thing is to be up to date. For example, Riudoms had the Punt Òmnia, a free service for teaching courses and training for most of the associations of the federation.

Who reptes de futur, a mitjà i llarg termini, is it proposed by the Baix Camp Women’s Federation?

To ascertain that it is the federation of the new associations that can bring together the different municipalities of the region, because we can learn from the young people and they from us.

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