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Anna Prats Caellas: «When I arrived, my consultation was a fridge, a light bulb and an old table»

As a child, Anna Prats Caellas from Terrassa confesses that she had no special vocation. And at 18, she finished her COU, she doubted whether to be a teacher or a nurse, but she was inclined towards the first profession. But everything changed that summer. She looked for work and found it as a clinic assistant at the Mutua de Terrassa. And since then she has not stopped working. She came to El Pla de Santa Maria with the intention of staying only two or three years. But finally here it has been until this year, that she has retired, after 44 years of profession, of which 30 have been in this municipality. A few weeks ago she received recognition from the municipal plenary session and the mayor gave her a commemorative plaque of thanks.

His entry into a large hospital at the age of 18 was the trigger for his vocation: «They hired me for three months and I liked it». He enrolled at the Escola d’Infermeria de Terrassa, and got his ATS degree. I could combine my studies by working in the afternoon.
The year that I was studying second year, the new Hospital de la Mútua was inaugurated. “I was a senior nursing assistant on one of the internal medicine floors,” he recalls. He was transferred to the ICU and then to the resuscitation service in the operating room. And he had time to study. And he prepared the oppositions for village practitioner. He won them and in 1991, at the age of 35, she arrived at El Pla de Santa Maria, just as a step to return closer to home.

At that time, the office was on the ground floor of the doctor’s house. But the nurse had her office on the first floor of the town hall, with an old table, a 125 refrigerator and a light bulb on the ceiling. «She had to go buy the syringes in Tarragona».

“The beginnings were hard, used to working in the hospital world. She found me alone, with a 62-year-old doctor with old customs ». It had to be available 24 hours. She opened the office for an hour and in the morning she went to the homes. «Then she also moved me to Figuerola del Camp, where there was no office».
After half a year she met the one who is now her husband. «I had my moments of doubt about whether to return to Terrassa or not. But I decided to stay.” She has felt “very integrated, loved and valued.” She has dealt with stories of all kinds. “At first, entering a house and having to cover your nose because of the dog’s urine. It was to prick the lady and in less than a minute run away ». She also remembers going to treat a woman with Diogenes Syndrome and not being able to get into the room because she had dropped everything she had behind the door. She finally managed to get in with the help of the doctor. At that time she was also called to attend accidents on the highway.
Finally, the City Council of El Pla built an office. “This was a significant improvement. We had an administrative and opened records. And we could go get all the material at the ABS in Vila-rodona».

For ten years they have had a new office, “we even have a defibrillator. But because of the size of the town and the emergencies we attend to, they made it small », he says. They put a Covid module in them to do a pediatric consultation, “and it didn’t have a tap with water to wash us.”

At the beginning of the pandemic I had “doubts”. «He went to houses with grandparents and paid respect. We only wore the robe; We had PPE in spades. Then jackets, sweaters and pajamas arrived ».

She does not face retirement with sadness, “I am satisfied with my chosen profession and I have been very involved. It’s my turn to turn the page.” She has time to do many activities that she couldn’t before. She likes to walk, play paddle tennis, travel, ride a bike, read and, of course, go to Terrassa to see her 90-year-old mother. And she feels very grateful to Dr. Alejandro Moreno and the City Council for the support they have always given her.

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