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Ángel Camacho, novelist | Tarragona Newspaper

I knew Ángel Camacho, a lawyer, with more than half a century in the profession, and the journalist, who has been writing for newspapers since he was seventeen, including El Diari; but not to the novelist of Memorias de la historia, Hijos del silencio and Tierra Roja, the one I just read.

While we sadly witness the war in Ukraine, it reminds us of that of Spain and its greatest battle, that of the Ebro. There he brings together idealistic young people from both sides, from a Czech signed up for the International Brigades to a Falangist from Valladolid, including a master of Agramunt.

The literate Camacho revives history and its settings: Corbera, Cavalls, Pàndols… Gandesa, where “the horrified sun retreats towards the line of the horizon so as not to see that massacre”.

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