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ANFAC meets with the President of the Government to address the transformation of mobility

The president of ANFAC, Wayne Griffiths, and the outgoing president of the association, José Vicente de los Mozos, accompanied by the director general of ANFAC, José López-Tafall, met today in Moncloa with the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez . The purpose of the meeting was to present to the President of the Government the transfer of the leadership of ANFAC to the President of SEAT and CUPRA, Wayne Griffiths. In addition, those responsible for the organization have presented the current situation of the automotive sector and the main lines and proposals to address the transformation of the sector towards new mobility to the President of the Government.

During this meeting, the president of ANFAC, Wayne Griffiths, expressed his gratitude to the President of the Government for the definitive opening of the PERTE_VEC calls, for which he stressed that “it is a necessary tool to promote the transformation of the sector and that its implementation The march must be very agile and simple to guarantee that the aid reaches companies and projects efficiently and quickly”. Similarly, the meeting highlighted the effort made by the Spanish Government and the commitment to a sector such as the automotive industry, which generates 10% of the national GDP and 9% of employment of the active population, but as Wayne highlighted Griffiths, “in the process of decarbonization and transformation of mobility, continuous action is necessary. For this reason, we must continue to establish additional tools and measures to this PERTE_VEC that allow us to continue accelerating and not fall behind Europe”.

The president of ANFAC pointed out during the meeting with Pedro Sánchez the current situation in the automotive sector, which is being affected by factors such as the microchip crisis, the transporters’ strike or the international crisis derived from the war in Ukraine, among others, and that they are conditioning the market and production downwards. In this sense Wayne Griffiths, highlighted that “the automotive industry is going through a moment of certain fragility, and now is the time to accelerate the future of the sector with its transformation towards new mobility”. In this context, he pointed out that the sector has a firm commitment to move towards decarbonization but that it faces increasingly demanding emission reduction targets, as proposed by the Fit for 55 package proposed by the European Commission, “ We must guarantee the future of our industry with new tools that are up to the new objectives and increase the efficiency of existing ones”.

Along these lines, the president of ANFAC stressed that “Spain needs its own mobility model. A mobility model with clean, efficient and sustainable cars that generates confidence in users, that meets the decarbonisation objectives and guarantees industry and employment, with special attention to young people, that this sector generates for Spain. From the public and private spheres, a single message of support and commitment to the automotive industry must be established. The future of the sector is at stake and we cannot put it at risk”.

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