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An office will help process the Next Generation to rehabilitate habitats

«Establish the point of support and assessment to all those people who are vulnerable to a rehabilitation of their habitats and a million in energy efficiency». Així summarized there Jordi Cartanyà, councilor of Housing, the service that the City Council has put in marxa for the communities of residents and individuals of the city that vulguin join any of the three lines of adjustments in matters of housing i energy efficiency that the Next Generation funds have made available to citizens. The Local Housing Office (OLH) donates information, helps to obtain the applications and assists in completing the entire process to the people requesting these European subsidies during the call and processing period, ending December 31 or l’exhauriment dels fons. The service will work with prior appointment.

Cartanyà points out that they will probably draw three lines of aids linked to the sources, “some economically generous aids”, he said, “but they require a well-planned project, to focus on investments to increase energy efficiency”.

The first program of Next Generation adjustments for which the term was opened corresponds to the subsidies destined to actions in the common elements of the residential buildings, whether multi-family or single-family, to improve the efficiency and energy efficiency and rehabilitation in general, whether they are first homes or second homes or are unoccupied. To have the technical inspection of the building approved or approved for processing and the actions eligible for subsidies, those that suppose a reduction of 30% of the consumption of non-renewable primary energy and also a reduction of the demand in heating and cooling of 25% or the 35%, depending on the climatic zone. Also the actions that involve the removal of construction products that are tainted (a maximum of 1,000 euros per dwelling or 12,000 euros per building).

On May 11, the term will open for a second line of adjustments, which will be directed to the owners who will adopt measures to improve the energy efficiency of their usual residence, as for the modification of tancaments, the Change of finestres or the change of air conditioning systems that replace fossil energies with renewable energies or biomass. These actions, in addition to the economic downturn that they entail in the energy consumption of the llar, will contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change and building a more sustainable country.

Finally, on May 25, they will be able to start processing the subsidies destined to the communities of owners of buildings of dwellings built before the year 2000 and that they will write the seu llibre de l’edifici or the rehabilitation project. The book of the building is the technical study that provides information on the characteristics of the building and provides the owner with the necessary instructions for use and maintenance to extend the useful life of the building and avoid degradation . In this study, I also detailed the actions that would help to meet the greatest needs in energy efficiency.

Francesc Ribera, manager of Provalls, pointed out that «the importance of the energy factor is always considered. It is pot fer qualsevol tipus of reform whenever there is a reduction of the primary energy of 30 per cent».

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