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An individual pays for the ‘salvation’ of the poster of the old Cambrils station

The demolition of the old Cambrils train station concluded with the salvation of one of the three ceramic signs with the letters of the municipality. It is a set of tiles that were placed around the sixties, according to municipal sources. It is the only object that has been kept from the building, built in 1865.

After two of the signs could not be saved when the first tiles were broken during the attempts of the operators (those located in front of the platforms and on the side next to the new passage of the tracks), the sign that was found has finally been preserved. on the southernmost side.

An individual offered himself to the mayor, Oliver Klein, to pay for the meticulous work out of his pocket. A large automatic radial made it possible to cut out the block of the wall rectangle where the letters were located, without damaging them. A cage-style metal guide system and a crane accompanied the work, which was completed on Thursday.

The letters are now safely stored in the Molí de les Tres Eres, home of the Museu d’Història de Cambrils, waiting to decide what will be done with them. One option is to locate them, once the tracks are dismantled, on the future avenue that will be built in the space occupied by the old station.

The poster is now in the Museu de les Tes Eres.

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