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An àpat between the noblewoman and the royalist of Montblanc

A church that is going to begin to age in the XXIII century, uns vestits d’època, uns àpats cuinats com fa molts segles –all and that some have lasted long after the temps– and uns plats i gots de terrissa, sense cap cobert. This is the ambience that is going to be able to see the vespre at the church of Sant Francesc in the recuperat Sopar Medieval, an act that, when they are going to pose at the sale of the tickets, in half an hour menys is going to sell all, one of the organizers, Alba Bulló, comments to the Diari. She, together with five young people –three of them are also ductile and due to be–, have been preparing the vetllada since September.

Mitja hour abans de l’àpat s’obren les portes de l’església. The gifts of the Medieval Association are in charge of the costumes at the portal to ensure that everyone who comes is dressed for the occasion. In case it is not there, the option to change is donated and the entity provides some type of cloth or clothing. Meanwhile, the troubadour patrols go through the municipality in a procession to go house by house to look for the representatives of the noble families (Gené, Vilafranca, Alenyà and El Veguer) there with the kings. I els trobadors, davant de cada immoble dels senyors, llegeixen a verset.

When all the noble couples are in the procession they head to the church of Sant Francesc, with a loud entrance. Inside, good part of the assistants are already in the seva taula, some molt llargues taules. The lloc that corresponds to the altar is prepared for the senyors, also the cavaller Jordi –at this moment he is not facing Sant– and the princess.

The soup is about to serve 380 diners. He has been cooking for the Molí restaurant, in the capital of Conca de Barberà. The menu is still formatted –així ho diu el pargamí that each diner troba al seu lloc– for farigola soup, bacallà amb mel, pork ribs and desserts, Montblanc pastissets, accompanied by ratafia. I per beure, I saw and water. The assistants have plats i gots de terrissa, res de coberts. The soup is not menja, it is beu. I the bacallà and the meat s’agafa amb la mà. Això yes, at the mig de les taules hi there are some cassoletes amb aigua i llimona per netejar-se els dits.

amb spectacle

But it is not just a sopar, but rather that while the diners go menjant they attend different shows. The balls of the dúcties and the faranduleres are not lacking, nor are the acrobacies. This nit also touches falconry –amb Falconers of Valporquero, who put on public exhibitions also avui i demà to the plaça de Sant Francesc–, amb a league that demonstrates the seves habilitats in a tancat enclosure. The foc is present amb les dàdives, a group of noies that plays amb les flames.

In this edition hi has a special assistant, Hassan. He is a Moor invited pel rei to whom he carries a special regal molt: les moratelles. In the end, he capped a quarter of the dues of the matinee, nobles and maidens whaling at the end of the soup of fish with polques, before returning home.

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