Altafulla will vote today if he wants to change mayor

Altafulla City Council will be the media focus of municipal politics this noon. The co-mayors Jordi Molinera and Alba Muntadas (along with the other three councilors of the municipal government) could lose this condition if the motion of censure presented on April 26 prospers.

The sum of the votes of the signatory councilors (7 out of 13) confirm a change of government, but until the vote is held, nothing is certain. In fact, the talks to try to rethink the vote between some of the members of the signing of the motion of censure and the local government have taken place these days. Whether or not they have convinced to change the voting intention will be seen in the ballot box in the plenary hall.

The signatory parties of the motion of censure are the most important opposition party. Alternativa Altafulla (AA), whose spokesperson Montse Castellerarnau is running as mayor, Junts per Altafulla (JxAltafulla), ARA Altafulla and non-attached councilor Xavier Rofas.

The signatories add up to seven councilors and the EINA-ERC government team, five. The seat that is missing to complete the plenary session of this legislature is that of the councilor of the PSC, Inma Morales, who has already declared that she is against the motion of censure. Thus, the votes should give a change of scenery by 7 to 6 if there are no surprises.

The beach, the sand and the management

On April 26, the day the motion of censure was presented in the City Council register, councilor Montse Castellarnau argued why.

He did it three days after a restaurant terrace attached to the Altafulla beach gave way due to the force of the waves. The collapse of this terrace allowed Alternativa Altafulla to criticize the mismanagement of the ERC government in the conservation of the beach, which was greatly affected in 2022 by the continued days of dragging.

Criticism of beach management was joined by the rest of the signatories of the motion and other political arguments were added to discredit the minority government and reinforce the theory that this motion was necessary despite the fact that municipal elections are a year away .

Presentations and openings

From April 26 to today (the plenary session is automatically convened for 12 noon on the tenth business day following its registration, as established in article 197 of Organic Law 5/1985 of the General Electoral Regime) the minority government has tried to discredit each of the reasons defended by the signatories with facts to discredit the arguments of the signatories as much as possible.

Starting with the beach, which is recovering sand with the end of the storms and ending with a series of presentations or inaugurations (such as the reopening of Casal la Violeta or the water connection in Brises de Mar) to justify that the minority government does works and complies to dismantle any argument of the signatories.

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