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Altafulla will change government on May 10

Yesterday morning, three of the four opposition parties in Altafulla (Alternativa Altafulla, Junts per Altafulla, ARA Altafulla and the non-attached councilor Xavier Rofas) entered the document of the motion of censure against the current government of EINA-ERC, which governs in the minority.

The PSC, also in opposition, yesterday distanced itself from the motion and pointed out that it will remain in opposition. And the current government headed by co-mayors Jordi Molinera and Alba Muntadas will give its version of events later, local government sources confirmed to the Diari.

The motion of censure presented yesterday has been the final thrust of a local government that has been losing support since last summer. First, it was the councilor of the PSC, Imma Morales, who left the government, leaving it in the minority for the first time in the current legislature. Shortly after, in September, the councilor of ARA Altafulla, Natalia Sanz, also left, arguing her discomfort in the local government since the PSC left.

In both cases, and knowing the vulnerability of the government of Molinera and Muntadas, none of the opposition political parties took the step to present a motion of censure, arguing that it was not the time and reflecting that there was no agreement between the parties.

However, the storms that have hit the coast of Altafulla and the “lack of action” by the local government have been the reason for the opposition (without the PSC) to find common ground and present a motion of censure, which will be submitted to vote on May 10.

The government candidate who intends to take the reins until the 2023 elections will be headed by Montse Castellarnau from (AA), second on the list of Alternativa Altafulla in the list of the last electoral elections, but the new leader of the party with the departure of Félix Alonso (who, by not repeating as mayor, abandoned municipal politics before forming a government in 2019).

If the motion of censure prospers (the seven votes do add up to change the local government) on May 10 there will be a new government and it is expected that another session will be held on the 30th of the same month to formalize the charges and the appointment of the portfolio.


The possibility of a motion of censure was possible since the march of the government’s PSC in August, but no one had taken the step until now. why? Mayor Montse Castellarnau argued the causes yesterday. He pointed out that the decision responds “to the political responsibility of guaranteeing governability in the remainder of the mandate and it is in the general interest that we agree on a commitment to constitute a management government without particular political pretensions and that is based on consensus to cover the functions everyday. Work until the end of the mandate, prioritizing seven agreed agreements”.

These priorities are specified in seven points, which yesterday the signatories of the motion of censure briefly explained.

In the first place, to execute the shock plan for the recovery of the Altafulla beach, so battered by the effect of the storms with the destruction that occurred in the Voramar restaurant and the evident structural risks that threaten the Botigues de Mar promenade, weakened due to the continuous onslaught of the waves.

Precisely this has been the trigger – justification – that has triggered the presentation of the motion of censure “due to the inaction of the EINA-ERC government when adopting emergency solutions”, indicated Castellarnau.

The other points to address in this little more than a year remaining in the legislature are: the opening, once and for all, of the Casal la Violeta; the regulation of uses of the Esplai Altafulla for the elderly; optimize the waste collection service; the use plan for the Martí Royo square; solution to the lighting problems of the Brises de Mar urbanization and advance in the projection of the future day center and residence.

Councilor Montse Castellarnau insisted in her first words as a candidate for Mayor that “we wanted to respect the executive (EINA-ERC) until the end of the mandate, but unfortunately we cannot allow Altafulla to continue down these bad paths in managing the beach and in the socioeconomic context.

Castellarnau explained that the new local government pact “is one of generosity, in good manners, with the minimum and setting aside partisan interests, to focus on what Altafulla demands.”

Natalia Sanz, who would return to the government if the motion were successful, stressed that “we intend to form a good management group and a work team in a complicated year, to solve the problem of the beach as a starting point.”

The councilor of Junts, Hèctor López-Bofill, referred to the attitude of the current mayor Molinera “of avoiding responsibilities, despite disapprovals and not complying with motions approved by the corporation; the government team voted against the shock plan to deal with the beach disaster. In short, we have been forced to present the motion », he added.

Ultimately, the non-attached councilor, Xavier Rofas, split from Junts per Altafulla in his day, stated that it was not in his calculations to support a motion of censure in this legislature “but the way in which the municipal government ignored the urgent posed by the seafront makes it essential that others (councilors) take on the challenge of focusing efforts to achieve a beach in good condition, even if the task is not easy».

One of the first steps, in the event that the motion of censure is successful, according to Montse Castellarnau, will be “meeting with the General Directorate of State Coasts to find urgent solutions for the protection of the seafront and the regeneration of the beach.”

Five councilors with a portfolio and another two without it

The motion of censure scheduled in a plenary session for May 10 in Altafulla will have a certain similarity to the motion that was presented at the Cambrils City Council at the end of September last year.

In both cases, there are non-attached councilors currently in opposition supporting the motion. And therefore after the change of government they could have responsibilities and a salary change.

However, Law 7/1985, of April 2, Regulating the Bases of the Local Regime establishes in article 73.3 that “The economic and political rights of non-attached members may not be higher than those that would have corresponded to them had they remained in the group of origin, and will be exercised in the manner determined by the organic regulations of each corporation.

In this way, they will be able to vote in favor of the decisions of the new incoming government, but they will not be able to receive a higher remuneration than the current one or have a higher responsibility (being in charge of a council) than the one they now hold.

In the press conference offered yesterday by the signatories of the motion, the non-attached councilor Xavier Rofas already advanced that he will not assume a portfolio in the new government.

Neither will the mayor Natalia Sanz, -this one by her own wish-. But both the one and the other will have voice and vote to actively participate in the consensual decision-making of the government that is formed from the 10th.

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