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All parties would vote in favor of opening stores on Sundays, except the CUP

All the political groups that make up the municipal plenary session of Tarragona, with the exception of the CUP, would agree that the shops should open every Sunday and on summer holidays. The only condition that most formations set is that the maximum consensus be achieved among the city’s commercial agents. The opinion of the parties is important, bearing in mind that the proposal will end up going through the plenary, where it will be voted on. The last word will be from the General Directorate of Commerce of the Generalitat.

The initiative, promoted by some commercial institutions, intends that the establishments open their doors every Sunday and holidays, from June 15 to September 15, from 12 to 8 p.m. The large commercial areas, such as Parc Central and El Corte Inglés, are one hundred percent in favor of the measure, while small businesses are a little more reluctant to the matter, due to a family conciliation issue.

From the Department of Commerce of the Tarragona City Council, yesterday, they assured that they will support the proposal as long as they have the consensus of the entire sector. In addition, the councilman, Dídac Nadal, made it a condition that the opening on Sundays translate into more hiring of personnel.

The voice of the parties

Along these same lines, Berni Álvarez, councilor for the PSC, believes that his formation will vote yes if consensus is achieved from all parties and if campaigns are launched that support the cause. “To all this we must add the complexity of Tarragona’s commerce, scattered throughout the city,” adds Álvarez.

The number 1 of Ciutadans in the City Council, Lorena de la Fuente, assures that it is a historical claim of her party. “This would serve to reinforce the commercial revitalization of the city and would be an important focus of tourist attraction,” says the spokesperson for the orange formation.

José Luis Martín, from the PP, is in favor of liberalizing schedules and “protecting and promoting small businesses.” The popular says bet on “a model that creates employment and allows us to exercise the tourist and commercial capital.”

José Luis Calderón and Sonia Orts, from the group of non-attached councillors, assure that “we are not against them being able to open, but on a voluntary basis, not compulsory”, and add that “we understand that it will be a benefit for Tarragona, but we must also listen to the merchants who oppose.

The CUP, a formation that is part of the municipal government, is opposed to the measure. «We are not surprised that it is the supermarkets who want to carry out this initiative. The reality is that there is no consensus,” says Eva Miguel, councilor for the CUP, who adds that “opening shops on Sundays benefits a model that perpetuates job insecurity and can put workers’ weekly rest at risk.” Finally, Miguel assures that “there is no consensus on the proposal.”

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