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Alert in Spain after confirming the first case of salmonella from Kinder eggs

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) informs that a case of salmonella related to Kinder eggs has been confirmed in the Spanish state and that there are two more that are probable.

The ECDC numbers 187 cases detected so far -158 confirmed and 29 probable- of the salmonella outbreak that affects several European countries and the United Kingdom. According to the European center, the outbreak is characterized by an “unusually high” percentage of hospitalized children, some with severe symptoms such as bloody diarrhoea. According to patient surveys and initial studies, “specific chocolate products have been identified as the most likely route of infection,” says the ECDC.

The ECDC adds that some cases would not have been detected because the molecular analyzes that allow them to be identified are not applied routinely in all countries. The country with the most confirmed cases is the United Kingdom, with 73. Then France, with 37; Ireland, with 15 and Germany, with 11 and 3 likely. Belgium has confirmed 7 and has 22 probables. Austria also registers cases; Denmark; Luxembourg; Holland, Norway and Sweden.

The ECDC alert wants to prevent the consumption of products that may be contaminated. The center highlights that public health and food safety authorities are investigating the cause and extent of the infection in affected countries and are working to ensure that contaminated products are not marketed.

As reported in early April, the firm Ferrero Iberica withdrew from the state market some batches of products manufactured in Belgium as a precautionary measure due to the cases of salmonella registered in northern European countries, despite the fact that it had not detected the presence of the bacterium. in none of the analyzes done.

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