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Alert in prisons for a terrorist threat to officials

A message on a radical Islamist website has put the Ministry of the Interior and the Department of Justice of the Generalitat on alert in recent hours. This web portal, in a generic way, asks Muslims to kill all the guards (by extension officials) of the prisons where they have inmates of this religion.

The credibility of the threat is important enough for the Ministry of the Interior and the Secretary of Penal Measures, Reinsertion and Victim Assistance of the Generalitat to have sent a circular this Friday to the different penitentiary centers alerting the radical message addressed to officials of prisons.

It should be remembered that Tarragona has a prison, Mas d’Enric, and therefore the terrorist alert also affects the workers of this prison located in the El Catllar district.

The radical message that has been read on this website is not directed at any specific center, nor at anyone in particular, although it does emphasize the “officials” (officials) who work in prisons throughout the country.

Given the appearance of the message and being at level 4 of terrorist alert, officials have been reminded to take extreme precautions, both during their working day (arrival of packages…) and when leaving and entering the prison where they work.

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