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Aleix Pedro dies, main actor for the memory of Calafell

In August of last year Aleix Pedro turned one hundred years old. He was the oldest member of the Cor Orfeó Calafellenc. In fact, he presided over the entity for two decades.

This Thursday Aleix Pedro died in Calafell, who was also highlighted member of the Elenc Artístic Calafellenc for his passion for theater. Between the years 1987 and 1991 He was a councilor in the City Council.

Aleix Pedro (fifth from the right) was a councilor from 1987 to 1991.

Aleix Pedro has been one of the most beloved neighbors. Now they remember another of his passions inherited from his grandmother: bees and honey production with some panels that he initially assembled on the terrace of his house. And of the mead that he invented. He explained that he worked without gloves and that some bees stung him, but “they go well against rheumatism.”

Alex Peter.

Aleix Pedro has been a an indispensable figure in the popular culture of Calafell. The desire for professional theater and representing Don Juan Tenorio, or Manelic de Terra Baixa by Àngel Guimerà remained pending. But being from a farming family made it difficult. There was a lot of work in the field. The war and post-war also prevented sleep.

Although he wished, he more than fulfilled it. Even beyond the age of 80, he was on stage with the local company La K-Mama of the also remembered Josep Mèlich. In total, Aleix Pedro was in more than a hundred performances.

Defender of secondary roles in the theater. Pedro remains as the main actor in the memory of Calafell.

An interview with Aleix Pedro in the Diari de Tarragona in 2005.

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