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Al Nàstic awaits an end of hell

Right now the season is in a final stretch in which Nàstic must look up. Anything looking back is wrong. It is obvious that the fight for fourth and fifth place concentrates a number of teams that are hardly counted with both hands. For this reason, with the Grana team in eighth position, it is better to look at their own calendar and the one that remains for the four teams ahead of them. Five endings that will decide everything. Of course, no matter what Atlético Baleares, Alcoyano, Sabadell and Algeciras do, if Nàstic doesn’t do their homework it won’t do any good to look askance at the rest.

The granas have a complicated calendar ahead of them and in which the starts are going to present a real risk of leaving points that could end up being decisive. The background as a visitor does not help to be optimistic with 14 points out of 48 that he has had at stake away from the Nou Estadi. In addition, in the three remaining starts, three teams are waiting that today are above the Tarragona. This next day it is time to visit the Nova Creu Alta of a Sabadell on the rise that is sixth, while the last two outings will be to the leader’s field, Albacete, and the course will be closed on the last day against an Alcoyano who currently occupies the last place that gives right to the promotion. At home, yes, they will receive Linense and Sevilla Atlético who will be risking their lives, but in which the Nou Estadi must be a stronghold as it has been for almost the entire season. Nàstic is the fourth best team at home in group II for a reason.

Atlético Baleares is the team that occupies fourth place with 51 points, but the truth is that they have a difficult schedule ahead of them. The first thing ahead of him is a trip to Villarreal where he will face a groguet subsidiary who cannot stumble again if he does not want to say goodbye to first place. After the main course, he will have at home the visit of a Castellón that continues to fight agonizingly for the playoff. The next two days will be against two teams that are fighting not to go down, like UCAM and Sanluqueño, and they will say goodbye to the season against a San Fernando team that probably won’t play at all.

Alcoyano is the current tenant in fifth place and also has a very complicated calendar ahead of it. This weekend they receive the leader, Albacete, although later they have a placid theoretical visit to the bottom field, Betis Deportivo. The last three games will be extremely difficult, as they receive a visit from Andorra, go to Cornellà against a team that will play for permanence and will end the course with the reception of a Nàstic himself who could represent a real final for the playoff.

The first team that is currently chasing Atlético Baleares and Alcoyano is a Sabadell team that is level on points with Algeciras and Nàstic. Precisely he will be the next rival of the granas in the Nova Creu Alta and then comes a heart attack final stretch. He will visit the Johan Cruyff, he will receive Cornellà, he will visit the field of a Linares that is involved in the playoff ointment and will dismiss the course against an Algeciras that right now is hot on his heels.
Algeciras, also with 49 points and the last team ahead of Nàstic, can be said to have a somewhat more friendly calendar, although they won’t allow naps either. This next day visits the field of a UCAM that literally risks life. Then they receive a San Fernando team that still has its playoff options intact. The last three days are not going to be easy at all, since they will visit two fiefdoms such as Linense and Sevilla Atlético in which the decline of the locals may be present and in between a visit to the Nova Creu Alta in which for sure that there will be more than three points at stake.

The playoff is early

The playoff changes days as the RFEF announced yesterday. The first playoffs for promotion to the Second Division that were scheduled to be played on June 8 and 9 are brought forward to June 4 and 5. What is not clear is if this advance affects the dispute of the second and final round that in theory will be played on June 11 and 12.

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