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Agustina d’Aragó and Jordi Cuixart

The obligatory photo darrera of all the recorregut has been at the monument d’Agustina d’Aragó that hi has at the entrance of the town. Hi there are various theories about the lloc de naixença de l’heroïna of the defense of Saragossa during the French War. Some historians place the birth of Agustina Saragossa i Domènech in the square of Montcada, in the Ribera neighborhood of Barcelona. Tanmateix, d’altres teories support that the seu lloc d’origin of her is Reus. The only thing that hasn’t happened is that Pere Joan Saragossa and Raimunda Domènech, all two from Fulleda, were Agustina Saragossa Domènech’s peers and, according to calendar calculations by some biographers, Agustina d’Aragó was feta Fulleda, abans that their parents emigrated to Barcelona or Reus. Qui te un altre vincle intens amb Fulleda és Jordi Cuixart, former president d’Òmnium. His other company, Txell Bonet, is from Fulleda. The mayor of the town, Jordi Arbós, is going to visit Cuixart when he was in prison in Lledoners, from which he is going to dedicate an emotional letter to the neighbors of Fulleda. As this is our country that pays honors now to those who will defend the independence of Spain and those who defend the independence of Catalonia.

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