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Agné: “There is no starting striker because there is none who shoots goals”

Raül Agné appeared at the press conference prior to the match between San Fernando in which he made it clear that this is a vital match for the playoffs because they are up against a direct rival and a team that has some of the best individuals in the category .

Analysis of the San Fernando: “It is a very good team, very recognizable and with a very marked combination and verticality intention and with very marked individualities”.

He doesn’t trust his losing streak: “It comes from a bad run of results, but not of the game. I expect a very competitive match and that they will come to win because we are below”.

How do you win?: “You win by being us. Being competitive, being a rock and never giving up.”

Veterans Step Forward: “The most expert players have to get this experience. The details are very important, the individual abilities too and now is the time for the head.”

Forbidden to lose: “You cannot go puncturing. You have to win and tie. Against direct rivals you cannot lose”.

Importance of average goal: “You can even decide on a goal average. A 3-0 is complicated because we are not the most successful team”.

Number for the playoff: “I can not tell you. If I made calculations based on what happened, I could have an idea, but I don’t know what will happen between now and the end of the season”.

Without untouchable striker: “There is no starting striker because there is none who shoots goals.”

Importance of the hobby: “They have been showing it all year and on Castellón day they showed it even more. Those who come will make noise and will be next to the team. I hope they help us at all times because there will be times for everything”.

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