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Activities throughout TGN to bring the European Union closer to citizens

On May 9, Europe Day is celebrated and for this the Europe Direct municipal office has organized a dozen activities. The objective is to bring the European Union closer to the citizens and claim, more than ever, peace and community union.

Thus, from tomorrow until May 15, different areas of the city will host these activities. On the one hand, a storyteller will go through the schools of Tarragona. Kalòpsia: A not so different planet is a story edited by the Representació de la Comissió Europea de Barcelona that explains in an entertaining and dynamic way what the European Union is. On the 6th, the Martí i Franqués and Vidal i Barraquer institutes will receive a visit from MEP Diana Riba, who will give a talk. The next day Let’s Clean Up Europe is held, a day of common action throughout Europe to raise awareness about the amount of waste that is thrown into nature in an uncontrolled manner and promote awareness actions through the collection of this waste. Likewise, on the 13th, simultaneous tree plantings will be carried out in Llorito, la Marquesa, el Pont del Diable and la Floresta by students from Tarragona schools.

In addition to these activities, on the 9th, Europe Day, the main activity of the celebration will take place in Plaça Corsini. Under the motto “United in diversity”, the students of Sociocultural Animation of the Institut Vidal i Barraquer will promote different activities in the square to bring the idea of ​​Europe closer to Higher Cycle students from different schools in the city.

The Europe Direct councilor at the Tarragona City Council, Manel Castaño, stressed that “in the current context of global uncertainty, it is more important than ever to commemorate May 9 as a date of peace and European unity.” Likewise, the councilor for Parcs i Jardins and Capacitats Diverses, Elvira Vidal, thanked Castaño for the fact that the office had relied on her department to collaborate in planting trees and cleaning various spaces in the city during these days. “These are activities that unite the city and its youth, to whom we want to leave a better world with actions like these.”

The Europe Direct Tarragona office is the information and advice point that Tarragona City Council has made available to citizens for 13 years for everything related to the European Union: queries about EU policies, programs and priorities. Its director, Montse Domènech, commented yesterday during the presentation of the activities that “it is a difficult time for Europe, with a conflict in Ukraine that does not affect the EU but affects European territory, and we would like the trees that we will plant in Europe become trees for peace.”

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