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Activated the Inuncat alert for intense plugs to TGN

The Generalitat has activated the alert of the flood emergency plan (INUNCAT), due to the forecast of intense plugs that have already been said, which can leave up to 100 liters of water per square meter in 24 hours in the south of Catalonia, especially to them Terres de l’Ebre, on Civil Protection demands extreme caution.

According to the Civil Protection warning, based on the prediction of the Meteorological Service, the precipitations could be intense at Terres de l’Ebre and the coastal and pre-coastal counties of Tarragona.

The Center for Operative Coordination of Catalonia (CECAT) for Civil Protection has sent the meteorological notice to all the affected municipalities, which have demanded that tank preventively tots els punts floodable.

In addition, Civil Protection has demanded that citizens act with great care in mobility for the areas affected by this episode of rainfall and in activities in the open air.

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