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One day, the Diari de Tarragona published an article about the lack of generational fill-in in the Catalan camp and it illustrated the history of a page of Morell who, despite being retired, continued to cultivate the land, to complement the pension and why not is you lose the heritage.

The article in which donations are made for clarifiers, which could be affected by the files processed by the first installation of young farmers: from 2015 to 2020, 2,260 adjustments are going to be processed, but the analysis of the data is based on the Tables the decreasing dynamics of the new incorporations. Of the 675 files in 2015, s’ha baixat fins als 232 of 2020.

And if we take a look at gender, 73% of the new incorporations are households and 27% are gifts.

Tot plegat, ens donates a very worrying vision of the reality of agriculture and livestock in Catalonia. Cal pose all the necessary instruments to reverse this situation.

Of fet, l’article to which feia reference, collects some declarations of the secretariat d’Agenda Rural, in which he spoke of the register of lands, as an instrument for such that the farms that do not fossin conreades poguessin «finish in some mans young pages».
Indeed, this instrument exists, it is going to be created by the Llei d’Espais Agraris, a law of 2019. As of today, it is not deployed! It is scandalous that the secretary of the Rural Agenda vulgui pose in value a eina that his department has not tingut the political will to throw endavant.

No ens podem permetre com a country that our model of agriculture and ranching, the family and professional, disappeared. Passem de les paraules als fets

Malauradament, this attitude is the clearest example of the way in which the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda acts (agriculture and the agricultural world have disappeared from the name…). parole, parole, parole…

In qualsevol cas, or activate all the instruments that we have, and in thinking about ourselves or the model of family and professional exploitation of the Catalan camp will end up being minoritari.
Cal, doncs, passar de les accions als fets. With the deployment of laws that allow access to fertile land for young farmers, with maintaining and increasing economic adjustments, as well as an integral and real vision of the severe agricultural exploitations. To promote knowledge, increasing the access to the agricultural format cycles, and also the transfer of knowledge of the peasants and peasants who are retired, cap those who vulguin agafar the filler, face that they do not follow their family nucli.

I cal, sobretot, that is pugui viure worthy of l’agricultura, i això vol say that the peasants and ramaders, puguin vendre els seus products per sobre el priu de cost. I per això the good functioning of the Law of the Food Chain is essential. All administrations must be involved as much as possible.

In the last few years, there have been several big events that have highlighted the importance of our agricultural sector. First, the pandemic, which will surely spoil the confinement and the difficulties of distribution, there is no shortage of products of proximity and quality at home, then the Russian war against Ukraine, which has manifested that the dependency is very perilous regarding food products from third countries and, therefore, the need for a strong agricultural and agri-food sector of its own.

And in the third place, a nicer fet molt, the premiere of the film Alcarràs als cinemes, which could help to understand the difficulties of the Catalan camp, but also the esteem, the passion, the professionalism that the people of the camp poses to the seva feina.

No ens podem permetre com a country, that our model of agriculture and ranching, the family and professional, disappeared. Passem de les paraules als fets. act!

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