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Above Hydra, the first Congress of the Energy Transition to Móra la Nova

The first congress of the Energy Transcisió in Tarragona will be held at the Municipal House of Móra la Nova on June 10 and 11. This event, presented by the Municipality of Móra la Nova and the Grup de Gestors Energètics, aims to analyze, debate and donate to the definition of a new energy model for the province.

At a time when the Ribera d’Ebre and other Tarragona regions need a reconversion of the model, Hydra will address the possibilities of the energy transition in terms of sustainability, but also of industrial competitiveness to revitalize the territory as a whole.

Tarragona is currently responsible for more than 50% of Catalonia’s energy production. It is here that the energy transition is seen as an opportunity because we have achieved a territorial balance in Catalonia with regard to energy production. Talking about the energy transition of Tarragona will aim to analyze and rethink the energy model of the entire country.

The matí session on June 10 will generate debate around one of the great questions that will be resolved: who is the energy model that Catalonia needs? It is tractarà from the decarbonization, the implementation of renewable energies and the production of hydrogen.

The second part, much more specific, will deal with optimizing energy resources in the industrial and agricultural sectors. During the afternoon session, he will address energy efficiency in commerce, industry and the domestic sphere, as well as the essential role of mobility in defining the energy transition model.

The dissabte will offer a series of activities of a ludic nature aimed at the general public that allow them to discover the natural environment and, ultimately, the potential of the territory now that they make citizens aware that they continue to play an active role in the environmental commitment.

It will complement both the presence of exhibitors from the energy management sector, efficient energy consumption, photovoltaic self-consumption and sustainable mobility.

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