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A website will allow to follow the municipal budget of Reus

A new website “very visual, accessible and easy to use” is launched as a tool for information and monitoring of the municipal budget. Through this dissemination page (, citizens can consult the City Council’s budget: the distribution of accounts, the state of execution of each item and how spending per inhabitant has evolved in recent years. The data is presented both from a general point of view and from the accounting detail.

The tool is part of the Govern Obert ecosystem published on the City Council website together with Reus Participa, Reus Open Data, Reus Planificació and the Transparency Portal. The data is also shown with graphs of the distribution of income and expenses, of temporary evolution throughout the years, main metrics on each item and context data related to population. also allows monitoring budget execution with updated information on progress. Thus, it visually exposes the progress of the execution of income and expenses, with configurable visualizations to contextualize.

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