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A walk commemorates the arrival of Braç de Santa Tecla

Three hours of excursion between Constantí and Tarragona served yesterday morning to commemorate the procession that, with the same origin and destination, accompanied the Braç de Santa Tecla to the city’s Cathedral in the year 1321. Thus, around 200 residents of Both municipalities participated in one of the first activities of the Santa Tecla 700 project, a special edition of the Tarragona festival to celebrate the seven centuries since the arrival of the relic of the patron saint.

After leaving Constantí after 10 am, the walkers arrived at Pla de la Seu around 1:15 pm, in a procession led by three carts pulled by donkeys. One of the participants in the excursion was Salvador Fa, curator of the Santa Tecla 700 project. He explained that “700 years ago the archbishop’s seat was the castle of Constantí and the relic of Santa Tecla was kept there before it was taken to Tarragona ». To recreate the procession with greater precision in terms of the participants, the political authorities of both municipalities, the Gremi de Marejants and the Gremi de Pagesos, were also present on the excursion. Fa, who pointed out that “the activity has gone very well and many people have asked us if we will repeat it in the coming years, but despite the fact that it is not planned it will be studied”, and left the door open to holding the walk periodically, but not on an annual basis.

After a group photo, the participants entered the Cathedral, where they were received by Antoni Pérez de Mendiguren, Dean of the Cathedral Chapter. He assured that he was looking forward to the procession with the Braç de Santa Tecla next Saturday through the streets of Constantí. For his part, the mayor of the municipality, Óscar Sánchez, celebrated that “we have made history by remembering the procession of 1321”, and thanked all those who have been part of the organization. After his words, he presented a plaque commemorating the activity to the mayor of Tarragona, Pau Ricomà, to the representatives of the Gremi de Marejants and the Gremi de Pagesos, and to the Chapter of the Cathedral.

For his part, Ricomà stressed that “Santa Tecla for us is a very emotional festival, and when there is a patron saint who has survived for 700 years, it is because there are many people who love her.” He also valued that there are still entities such as both guilds that already participated in the arrival of the relic. Finally, he assured that “if Braç was in Constantí for a while, it is because it could not be better anywhere else”.

The day continued with a lunch for the participants at the Seminari Pontifici and ended in the afternoon with a visit to the Cathedral, the Chapel of Santa Tecla la Vella and the Museu Bíblic Tarraconense.

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