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A truck bursts a wheel and damages the side of a bus on the AP-7

Major scare this Saturday afternoon on the AP-7. A truck advancing to a bus has punctured the wheel as it passed by and the tire explosion has damaged the side of the passenger vehicle, which luckily no one has been injured, confirmed sources from Hife, the company that performs this public service. . There were 55 people traveling, not including the driver.

PHOTO: Tarragona Newspaper

Until the causes of the accident have been known, the emergency notification has activated a large number of Mossos troops (8 patrols), several SEM ambulances and Firefighters (four crews and the helicopter), since the partial information spoke of an overturned bus Then, luckily, the severity of the accident was less than what could have happened.

Apparently, the Hife company bus was traveling south bound for L’Aldea. He had picked up 55 passengers in Barcelona and was taking them to L’Aldea. At one point during the march, at kilometer 302, in the municipality of El Perelló, the truck and the bus would have circulated in parallel (an advance) and at that moment, for unknown reasons, one of the tires of the heavy vehicle would have burst.


The explosion of the tire and the pieces of rubber that have been shot have reached the side of the bus, right in the area where the luggage is stored. The impact has damaged the chassis at that point, but it has not affected the passenger, who has had a good scare. The truck has managed to maintain stability and the driver has not been injured either.


The highway has been completely closed in the south direction in the two lanes that it has at this kilometric point. As it has been possible to clear, a lane has been opened and the queue for kilometers that was beginning to form has been reduced.

As troops have arrived, the state of emergency has been reduced, since the situation of the passengers was more nervous than injured as a result of the impact of the rubber on the chassis of the public vehicle.

However, it has been decided to divert the bus to the next service area, in L’Aldea, and there with SEM technicians a check has been carried out in case anyone was unwell.

Image of the passengers after stopping at a service area to be attended by the SEM. PHOTO: loan

Initially, most of those affected are due to anxiety attacks and the occasional abrasion, since a side window of the vehicle has shattered at the time of the accident.

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