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A toast to the return of the Fira del Vi de Falset face-to-face

El vi has become this week’s cap in the great pol d’atracció a Falset, and after two years, the Fira del Vi, mostra dels vins de la DOQ Priorat i la DO Montsant. As the mayor, Carlos Brull, recalls, the event is not deixat mai de fer, but rather it is apostat to look for formulas that adapt to the situation.

Now, but, that the conditions do allow, the show returns to the street, to the espai firal de l’Euterpe, from time to time hi ha aplegats gairebé seventy cellers of the two appellations of origin of the Priorat. Tot i així, there is also a commitment to maintain the Fira als cellers in the region, which is going to promote 2021. In this way, the event creates more borders and goes more into a week cap. Is that the tastings in cellars of the Priorat region, in the context of the Fira del Vi, are held throughout the month of May.

The event includes sixty activities that are carried out both in Falset and in various towns in the region. What is certain, but, is that this Falset weekend cap is the great epicenter, with thousands of visitors who from Sunday afternoon and weekends avui to vespre, at 9:00 p.m., taste the wines that are made in Priorat .

“He’s the first cop to come to the fair,” a group of friends explain, as they toast both the seves full copes of I saw the voltant of a boot that looked like a taula. Marta, l’Anna, Maria, Míriam and Núria are from Tarragona, but they explain that the German of one of them saw Falset, «I ens hem animat a comer».

Many visitors were from the Tarragona region, but there were also other points in the territory, such as the home of a group of friends from Barcelona. They were in Falset because one of the group is falsetana «i els hem dit que vinguin. After 2 years, we are molt contents », valued him.

The cellers also wanted to recover the format, as well as the feedback from the visitors who offer these events with this one. “It’s obvious that people really wanted to win,” explained Andrew, originally from Scotland, from the stand of Atavus Vines, from the DO Montsant and DOQ Priorat. In his case, this is the first year that he is at the fair. And it is that he explained that fins abans que esclatés la pandèmia he was professor d’universitat a Barcelona, ​​d’història, «but amb la Covid em vaig reinventar. Coneixia gent del Priorat i vaig come a viure here and I’m introduced to the mon del vi. I love it, especially for the quality of life. I have the opportunity to return to Barcelona, ​​but I like it more than that », he explained.

The Fira del Vi, which is going to be officially inaugurated after the President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, will continue from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., which is the most festive part, while the tastings at the cellars will continue at the end of the May 31

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