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A thinner wire

Yesterday, the scandal over espionage against Catalan pro-independence politicians experienced a twist with the announcement by the Government that the mobile phones of the president, Pedro Sánchez, and the Minister of Defense, Margarita, would also have been affected by the Pegasus system. Oak trees. In any case, this new chapter does not reassure the victims of an issue that even threatens to endanger the future of the legislature. And it is that this crisis has confronted the Executive with the contradiction that the State apparatuses under its control have tapped the phones of party leaders who support it on suspicion that they could endanger national security. The deep gap in trust opened up with ERC, especially, and with EH Bildu will not be easy to heal even in the probable event that they are overreacting in their reaction. It is true that this government has learned to survive on a tightrope in the midst of internal confrontations on substantive issues and repeated conflicts with the allies that seek it a precarious majority. It is no less true that the serious misgivings that this case has aroused in Pedro Sánchez’s allies have not prevented the validation of the anti-crisis decree-law thanks to the nationalist left, although the ERC voted against it, perhaps knowing that the text, transcendental for the citizens, it would pass even without them. In Sánchez’s favour, the fact that no member of the investiture bloc is in the interest of the fall of this government because it will be difficult for him to find a more favorable parliamentary arithmetic, to which is added the fear of an eventual PP-Vox majority. However, even that does not guarantee that support for the Executive will be maintained in the coming months. The Government is obliged to offer explanations about the espionage if it does not want to find itself again in complicated situations that will make it walk on an increasingly fine wire.

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