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A refuge in Calafell for endangered species

The large number of animals they take in shows the irresponsibility of a society stubborn in having pets without any criteria beyond that of meaningless fashions. Turtles, snakes, iguanas and chameleons originating from other parts of the world but at some point someone considered that having them at home was something unique.

Calafell has activated the Center for Research and Environmental Education (CREAC) that cares for and recovers animals that in many cases have escaped or have been abandoned when those who became infatuated with them have tired of finding that they cannot care for them.

“They are animals that need ultraviolet light, specific temperature and humidity, and conditions that many do not foresee when buying them. They also need a veterinary follow-up that is not fulfilled, “explains Dani Fernández, director of CREAC.

The Calafell Environmental Research and Education Center welcomes endangered species.

To which is added that the demand for exotic species generates illegal trade of these species that cause thousands of deaths among the specimens.

The Center for Research and Environmental Education of Calafell, pioneer in the demarcationis a possibility for these animals.

The Center for Research and Environmental Education of Calafell has the necessary equipment to care for animals.

In addition to recovery, the center, installed in the old Segur de Calafell library, aims to promote knowledge of biodiversity and the environment. A necessary pedagogical task. “Show all the problems we have encountered so we don’t make the same mistakes again.”

The center has been operating for a month and It already houses about sixty animals although it has capacity for 600. It also has authorization from the Generalitat for the collection of poisonous snakes that are confiscated because the owners have them illegally.

Some of the animals come from confiscations.

In addition to attending to animals of exotic species, CREAC attends to calls from neighbors who report why an animal has entered their property and that neither rural agents nor Local Police assumed the work of the withdrawal. Now the center will collect them and depending on the species it will determine whether to keep it or if it is transferred to another facility or released into its natural habitat.


The center promotes scientific research at an international level. The councilor for Urban Ecology, Aron Marcos, points out that the investigations will make it possible to publicize the name of Calafell and the arrival of scientists.

The City Council has allocated 30,000 euros to refurbish the old library that had been unused since 2019 when it was moved to the port of Segur. That ancient facility had also been the core school.

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