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A project will promote the social economy of the south of Reus

Reus welcomes a new project, of public and community collaboration, to promote the social and solidarity economy in the south in order to reverse the adverse effects of the pandemic. This is the Comunalitat Urbana Reus Sud, in which, through the coordination of Icària Acció Socioeducativa, the cooperatives Les Abelles and Llars Familiars, the Associació Reus Refugi and the Reus City Council will work together to bring about projects –or to make known those that already exist– from the neighborhoods of Carrilet, Pastoreta, Mas Iglesias, Mas Abelló, Fortuny, Juroca and Montserrat.

This is one of the 22 urban communities in Catalonia subsidized by the Department of Business and Employment of the Generalitat and has a subsidy of 350,000 euros, the bulk of which is received by the coordinating entity –187,246 euros–. In turn, the City Council has received aid of 17,000 euros. “We have a two-year action plan, then we will disappear,” explained the Icària Acció Socioeducativa technician, Anna Admetller. The core team of professionals from the Comunalitat Urbana Reus Sud will disseminate their objectives at different points of service that will be in municipal buildings to attend to queries and requests. “For now, we will be in a space set up in the Mercat del Carrilet, we will soon announce the opening hours,” she added.

The main idea, he said, is to create a network of collective economy, something that «we saw that emerged at all levels when Covid arrived; we want to allow good ideas to stay.”

For his part, the Councilor for Business and Employment, Carles Prats, declared that the role of the City Council will be to “accompany, involving different departments” such as the one it holds, through Mas Carandell. “From there, aspects such as training will be worked on.” Admetller announced that, thanks to the Comunalitat “at least 15 workplaces will be generated” and stressed that the promotion of projects that would be developed soon would help “maintain the feeling of belonging in the neighbourhoods”. His intention, he said, is to cooperate in mutual aid initiatives and in initiatives with “economic and social value” that arise from the neighborhood and associative fabric, as well as from small businesses, working and self-employed people.

Results and lines of work

The so-called activating committee of the Comunalitat will work from six axes – that of energy sovereignty, cultural, residential, food, economic and community care – and each one will work in five phases that start from analysis, strategy, accompaniment, dissemination and consolidation. As the technician from the Associació Reus Refugi, Ricard Aragonès, added, they are now in the first phase and upon completing it, they will carry out training, organisation, dissemination, awareness and support actions. In addition to the committee, they will constitute an assembly with various local agents of the city, such as entities, freelancers, neighborhood communities, cooperatives, etc.

ways to contact

To participate, anyone interested, in addition to going to the service points that will be set up in the city, can call 622 522 386 or send an email to Currently, the Comunalitat is in the phase of diagnosing needs and problems.

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