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A postmark for a special occasion

The Concurs Exposicion Nacional de Roses del Center de Lectura (CdL) in Reus will return this year after not having done so due to the pandemic and will celebrate its 75th edition at the Teatre Bartrina on May 7, 8 and 9. The roserista contest also has the collaboration of the Reus City Council and the Tarragona Provincial Council, among other companies in the city. Among the parallel activities of the event, this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Correos will install a postmark in the CdL lobby with the commemorative postmark of the 75th anniversary of the National Roses Exhibition Contest, an initiative in which the Associació Grup Filatèlic collaborates i Collectionism of Reus.

«A postmark is something that a philatelic group or an individual, among others, can request from the Post Office. We, as an entity, have the habit of doing one or two a year. It is something that has gone down over the years, fewer and fewer postmarks are being requested and it is a pity”, report the member of the board of the Associació Grup Filatèlic i Col·leccionisme de Reus, Jordi Pàmies, and the president, Eugeni Biosca.

Formerly, in the State – they report – “many, hundreds were made and that has been lost”. To avoid this, the philatelic group does that minimum per year in the city. “We are one of the few cities that is maintaining it and there are many others with a tradition that have stopped doing it,” they say.

Both delimit that there are “many” philatelic groups that are disappearing. They emphasize that, with the intention that all this is not forgotten, it is important to record this tradition in writing, since it was something that “was often done long ago,” they insist. For this reason, Pàmies and Biosca show a book of the entity that compiles the 100 postmarks that it had created until 2012 in the city.

“At that time, there were 100 and we thought it would be interesting to write all this down, in a book,” they explain while pointing to some of its pages: “We made a special postmark for the one that reached number 100.” In addition to that hundred, they have made almost a dozen more since then.

“To create new postmarks, we try to find entities to dedicate one to; we are inspired by elements and emblems of Reus”, they count and list, for example, postmarks that show Fortuny, Prim, Carrasclet, one from Reus’ Holy Week, another from the cultural capital that the city held a few years ago and the anniversary of the centenary of the Orfeó Reusenc, among others.

They say that, as the 75th anniversary of the CdL National Rose Exhibition Contest approaches, they have created a special postmark for the occasion, based on the promotional poster. “We have also ordered some personalized stamps,” they point out.

In this sense, they are a reminder of the first postmark that was made related to the event, then called the National Rose Exhibition. “From that first postmark, 65 years ago, and since this marks the 75th anniversary of the event itself, we thought it would be a good idea to propose it to the CdL, which agreed,” continue the collectors. As additional information, they make it known that all postmarks must show the following information: the date/year, the concept to be commemorated and the location.

The Grup Filatèlic will also exhibit this Saturday at the CdL several bookmarks made for the Diada de Sant Jordi, “for those people who want to acquire them,” they complete.

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