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A pair of peregrine falcons nest in the Port de TGN

For the first time, a pair of falcons have nested in the Port of Tarragona and have laid three eggs. For unknown reasons, this pair of peregrine falcons has refused to use the nesting boxes set up by the Port Authority at Moll de Reus. However, the Port’s sustainability team, as well as the team of professionals in charge of carrying out the project, agree on the importance of a pair of falcons naturally choosing the port facilities to make their nest.

The Port, continuing with the deployment of its Agenda 2030 Sustainability Plan, is working to carry out an exhaustive monitoring of one of the protected species, such as the peregrine falcon. This is a research project, which will last approximately three months.

The Port, after studying the presence of these birds in the winter period and, thinking about possible falcon nesting, set up two nest boxes and fitted out the rest of the silos located in the Moll de Reus with gravel.

Presence since January

During this 2022, since the month of January, those responsible for the project in the Port have observed the presence of falcons that hinted at the possibility of mating and copulations have been observed in various areas of the facilities.

Hawk eggs take approximately thirty-two weeks to hatch. The young falcons grow up protected and nurtured by their natural parents and, after approximately forty-five days, they are able to fly. Contact with people, experts say, should be zero.

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