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A new horizon for the CB Salou project

The time has come. Jesús Muñiz’s team has the opportunity to make history at CB Salou. The project of the capital of the Costa Daurada has grown by leaps and bounds over the years to become a benchmark in the region. Today you have the possibility to take it one step further and reach a new milestone.

In memory, the painful defeat on the Mollet track last season still lingers, which deprived the Salouenses of playing the final promotion phase in their own home. With more experience behind them and with the court factor in their favour, Muñiz’s squad will try to overcome this one-game playoff and get into the final phase of the EBA this time.

even duel

Their rival will be Bàsquet Girona B, which has numbers in the regular phase similar to those of Salou: 16 wins and 6 losses, due to the 17 wins and 5 setbacks of the Salouenses. “It’s a team defensively similar to ours, they put a lot of pressure and close the spaces well,” says Jesús Muñiz. The Salouense team, as well as their rival today, has been characterized by intensity in all games and unwavering solidity at the back. In addition, the Salou coach also highlights the ability of the people from Girona to carry out “counterattack actions”.

As for proper names, Antonio Espinosa is one of the most prominent, with 14.7 points per game. Despite this, Muñiz remarks that “Espinosa is the one that monopolizes the most shots, but it is a very choral team.”

Contrary to last year against Mollet, the Salouenses will have the court factor this time in this playoff. “Playing at home is a plus and it is an important factor in the toughest moments when you need that encouragement to lift a game,” Muñiz highlights. The Salouense coach hopes that the pavilion will dress up for the match, as he already did in key matches such as the CBT or Barça.

Precisely that Catalan League final against the Catalans, along with the previous play-off in Mollet, must serve as a reference for the team in terms of the “level of pressure and emotions” they can experience. Although of tension in the matches, Salou is served. After a start in which the results did not arrive, they had to chain a record streak to get as second. “We were under pressure since December that if we lost we could be left out, but it was positive pressure,” says Muñiz. This circumstance has made them finish the regular phase like a shot and now it will be time to make the streak good with a duel to heads or tails.

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