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A morning storm deixa 70 liters to Montsià

This morning a good storm has left records of precipitation that in some points of Terres de l’Ebre have exceeded 50 mm.

The flock has downloaded both wins, especially between Montsià and Baix Ebre, cap at 4 of the matinee. In some moments it has also been accompanied by electrical discharges. Tot i que no segut exceptional, molts veïns s’han desperat pel soroll i s’ha take to observe la força de l’agua.

Així, they have caigut fins at 72 mm at Alcanar, 59 mm at Ulldecona, 41 mm at Mas de Barberans, 31 mm at Sénia and 20 mm at Ràpita. For això some town halls have demanded precaution at the time of circulating by rural roads and prop of ravines.

The Xarxa de Detecció de Descàrregues Elèctriques has registered 1,077 llamps núvol-terra de la mitjanit, of which 61 to Catalunya (58 to Montsià).

The Baix Ebre and the Montsià are soaking up the water this spring. Of course, the Parc Natural dels Ports is one of the points of all Catalonia on more has plogut. Accumulate already 839 liters of feathers both last month of March and April. The first two months of the 2022 quest will be very popular in the Parc Natural dels Ports (26.1 mm generally and 8.5 mm in February), but later the feather will be extraordinarily abundant in March (517.8 mm) and It was also very prominent in April (321.2 mm ends on the 26th).

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