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A medieval marriage agreed on does not lack the to d’humor

For hundreds of years, at the age of mitjana, many marriages are of convenience or pacts between families. Els novis is not married by love but by obligation –in some cultures it is així–. This is the story of Alamanda Serrateix and Rabinat Teixidó, she from Montblanc, he from Comalats. It is not beef coneixen, but a few minutes after fer-ho, they are already married. It is the representation that this evening is going to be able to see at the church of Santa Maria during the Medieval Week based on a real story after careful research. If I could say that the work has an acid or critical argument in this situation, what is clear is that the humor was the story of Rabinat i Alamanda.

An act on a day marked by a radiant sun, with thousands of visitors going to explore the main streets of the capital of the Conca de Barberà to guard the environment and also the different shows. I hope that the representation of the Legend of Sant Jordi, suspesa dissabte por la pluja, could be this week, it will not be there, according to what the president of the Medieval Association, Maties Martí, points out to the Diari.

He argues that it is a question of insurance, «it is not pot aconsegura en tants pocs dies».
The church of Santa Maria, a Gothic jewel from the XIV century, was full for the marriage of the century. All the nobles of the village were present, also the king, the queen, the cavaller Jordi and the princess, also the maidens, all with their gala dresses. Alamanda waits and waits for her estimation to marry-se amb ell in secret.

But in Benet Ferré no apareix –després sxe sap que fou enxampat amb unes prostitutes–. The ones who do fan are his peers, the ones from Rabinat and aquest. Havien agreed to the marriage sense that the young woman refused. She is going home for love, but her mother is hers and insists that she will come here.

Hundreds of people go see the falconry show. Photo: Angel Juanpere

L’enllaç is fa davant de notari. I quan ja is on the verge of materializing-the preacher appears to import-they novis and their pairs to fer a religious ceremony. A story that paints the gifts as submissives of their husbands, except in the case of Rabinat’s mother, an ambitious and superior lady who carries the veu cantant in marriage. Tot in a to d’humor.

falconry show

Among the spectacles that are going to be able to see this diumenge–and also the proper cap of the week– was a falconry about Càrrec de les Águilas de Valporquero, a company from Lleó that carries more than vint anys fent medieval spectacles. The darrera performance –just like the other cap de semana– will be witnessed by hundreds of people in Plaça Sant Francesc. The exhibition will begin with Duende, an àliga de Harris, a common species used in falconry. One of the people in charge, José Antonio Alonso, explained this art here with the characteristics of the different ones that will participate, with Apropyla and Sanson, two types of voltors.

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