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A massive fight with a detainee for threats with a knife in Roda de Berà

Monday’s police deployment in the northern part of Roda de Berà was unusual. During the more than three hours of tension there were up to a dozen crews that rotated to cool the spirits of two groups of people who had fought.

The two initial crews of the Local Police that attended the emergency call required support from Mossos d’Esquadra to break up a massive fight and cool down the spirits between two groups that reside illegally. The fight was latent until early in the night, when the incident was terminated with one detainee and two minor injuries.

The incident became known in the middle of the afternoon on Monday when an argument ended in a fight between two young women. Then the respective couples joined, and the brawl added more people, reaching a total of fortnight.

Given the difficulty of separating the parties and restoring public order, Mossos supported the Local Police, who ended up arresting one of the participants, aged 19, with a knife in his possession. The accused of a crime of threats with a knife was taken to the CAP of Roda de Berà due to anxiety.

There was a second attended by the SEM and later transferred to the Torredembarra CAP. The wounded man was a 25-year-old man who lived in a town in the province of Barcelona.

With the arrest of the young man and the confiscation of the knife, the first part of the fight ended and when the two groups of people apparently dissolved, the police units left the place.

However, it didn’t take long for the two opposing groups to meet again, discuss and fight. The proceedings that were being carried out at the police station for the events were half finished due to the need to return to this street on the north side and once again appease the spirits among those involved.

The neighbors were the ones who warned of the resumption of the confrontation. Mossos also contributed several units. The second fight was motivated by the breaking of glass in a window belonging to one of those involved, which triggered the fight again.3

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