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Now that we are leaving them behind –hopefully we won’t have to use them again– we realize that masks, in addition to being a nuisance, have been a major environmental problem. And it is that at the end of each day, a minimum of two masks per citizen, 5 grams of plastic, have ended up in the garbage can that goes to the landfill. If we add the use that is given to these products throughout the world, each month the environment assumes the presence of 350 tons of this waste. And this, hopefully. Because since the pandemic broke out, it has been more frequent than desired to see forgotten masks anywhere: on the ground, in the sea, in any park… Yes, they are already one more garbage item, living with chewing gum, cans of soda, papers and dog droppings. It can be said that masks are the new butts. Of course, fortunately for us, there are always people who see an opportunity in a problem. Thus, initiatives have emerged to mix the remains of used masks with other waste materials in construction, as it can allow the creation of more resistant pavement. A Basque company has also developed a chemical system that allows the plastic in masks to be converted into second-life fuel and hydrogen – for every kilo of masks, this company is capable of obtaining a liter of fuel. A hopeful solution for the environment. I mean, for all of us.

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