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A lawyer from Salou, informer of the ‘narcos’ of marijuana

The Mossos d’Esquadra arrested a lawyer with a law firm in Salou this Easter in Barcelona. The arrest was made when the lawyer was providing a service in Barcelona. He is accused of the crimes of bribery and disclosure of secrets, since he supposedly paid a constable who gave him information, and this was used by an organization dedicated to drug trafficking.

As you have progressed The vanguard, the well-known lawyer in the legal field was arrested on the 13th, Holy Wednesday, in Barcelona where he was providing a service. The criminal was released shortly after waiting to be summoned by the judge.

The regional police officer who gave him the information had been arrested along with two other officers a few months ago in an operation. They are accused of providing police information to a drug network and keeping money from a registry. The operation was carried out on November 30.

According to the open investigation, the lawyer allegedly acted as a link between the traffickers and the regional police officer, whom he supposedly rewarded for the information he provided. The agent notified the lawyer before a police operation was carried out against any of the traffickers with whom he had dealings.

Salou’s lawyer was already acquitted by a judge for lack of evidence, but in a different investigation, they tapped a trafficker’s phone and found in it a conversation with the person under investigation, which evidenced the close relationship he had with the Mosso.

For example, the penalist asked the agent for information on Christmas Day and the agent went to the police station to check the computer and provide the requested information. The three Mossos detained in this case are still suspended from employment and salary.

They were arrested in an operation in which they also arrested four more people from a Tarragona company that was dedicated to helping the Autonomous Police to dismantle electronic devices from cannabis plantations and fraudulently seek resale.

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