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A group of volunteers cleans up the SPiSP environment

The wooded area near the Center Cívic de Sant Pere i Sant Pau will be, at least for a few days, cleaner. A group of around 25 volunteers participated yesterday morning in the collection of waste in the surroundings of the Tarragona neighborhood, organized by the entity Al Camp Residu Zero and by the Associació per la Conservació dels Ecosistemes Naturals (CEN) on the occasion of Let’s Clean Up Europe, a common action throughout the continent to raise awareness about the amount of waste that we uncontrollably dump into nature and promote awareness actions. The Associació de Veïns Sant Pere i Sant Pau, the Europe Direct municipal office and Tarragona City Council also collaborated.

Estela Martínez, a member of Al Camp Residu Zero, explained at the end of the hunt that “we have been around two hours and we have found the usual: tires, runes, many spades and broken toilets, many glasses, clothes, shoes, blinds. , televisions, cans and plastic containers. Likewise, Martínez stressed that “in addition to collecting waste and cleaning the area, we also try to carry out awareness-raising work, because in the end all this garbage that ends up in the forest is harmful to the environment but also to our health. ».

The summary of the activity was the amount of waste piled up, which would later be collected by the operators of the municipal brigade for proper recycling. Since they had not brought a scale, Martínez calculated that about 6 m3 of garbage had been collected.

As a curiosity, the member of the environmental group highlighted that “during the strongest restrictions of the pandemic we found that waste increased a lot with bottles, that is, plastic bottles and cans, and takeaway food containers on the beaches, since stores were closed.

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