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A dozen restaurants in Reus will prepare tapas to “eat the Trapezi”

Eleven restaurants in the center will cook tapas, from today until May 15, coinciding with the celebration of the Trapezi, at the price of 5 euros a pincho plus a drink. This is the TrapeziTapa initiative, which launches El Tomb de Reus so that anyone can “eat and drink the Trapezi” this weekend. The gastronomic creations produced by the establishments will also be inspired by the Fira del Circ de Catalunya.

For now, the restaurants that have already confirmed that they will participate in the first edition of TrapeziTapa are Va de Vi, Déu n’hi Do, Blondi, Flaps, Xivarri, Txarango, L’Arbequina, La Giberga, El Racó de JP, As de Copes and Casa Coder, although some more could be added in the coming hours.

“This is a very city weekend, with many experiences and a central issue that is the Trapezi: a Fira del Circ that makes us the capital of the country and generates a whole volume of street and room movement,” he recalled today the Councilor for Culture, Daniel Recasens, who pointed out that “what is happening in the city will also happen in the establishments that El Tomb represents” and the restaurants that offer pinchos “will dress to accompany us in what is happening.” “The more lively the Trapezi is, the more Trapezi it will be”, underlined Recasens, and he also wished that this first TrapeziTapa would be “a very fruitful initiative”.

For his part, the president of El Tomb de Reus, Jacint Pallejà, highlighted that the entity “usually boasts that it moves in the space of the city center, which is like a large stage where there are more than 860 establishments occupying a site where the daily life of neighbors, visitors, the culture that surrounds us or history also takes place. «We want to value this», specified Pallejà, who said that «we must make our own a lot of synergies because we live in a future where the word experience it is placed more and more in the first line». “This stage is also our stage,” he specified.

themed creations

The tapas will begin to be offered tomorrow and can be ordered at participating businesses until May 15, in such a way that the TrapeziTapa covers the same time frame as the deployment of the Fira de Circ de Catalunya. The Tomb of Reus will reveal through its profiles on social networks some of the recipes that can be tasted these days.

The initiative is added to some others focused on gastronomy that the entity is already developing. Now, with the starting gun of the Trapezi, it is proposed to the establishments of El Tomb that they «collaborate to make Reus the city of the circus and create a complete experience for both visitors and citizens themselves».

A photographic exhibition will occupy the windows

The windows of El Tomb de Reus will host a traveling exhibition of photographs of the Trapezi. Pedestrians will be able to discover the history and soul of the Fira de Circ walking through the most emblematic streets of the city. The photographic exhibition is entitled Trapezi, un recorregut de circ (1997-2019) and is by the author Tjerk Van der Meulen. The exhibition was exhibited at Cal Massó in 2019 and now the commercial entity will be in charge of taking this work out on the street so that everyone can enjoy it and the shops, just like the streets, are filled with circuses during these days. In these photographs you can see the diversity of the Fira de Circ during its trajectory.

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