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A. Camacho and M. Josa: “We are an advocate to raise awareness of the effects of climate change”

Andrea Camacho and Marta Josa, both environmentalists, are the creators of L’Ovella Verda, an environmental dissemination project in Catalan. They have received an adjustment from the Catalan Foundation for Research and Research (FCRI) that allows them to finance the creation and production of two informative videos on five citizen science projects and five research projects related to biodiversity in Catalonia.

How will you get the idea?
Marta: L’Ovella Verda responds to three needs: I will learn more about biodiversity and sustainability, in depth in what we have studied; I will learn to communicate and disseminate all this contingency that has reached a great name of people, and contribute to generating awareness about environmental problems and the diversity that surrounds them.

The name L’Ovella Verda recalls the famous Barcelona tavern L’Ovella Negra.
Andrea: It is certain that we have stayed at this bar during our university days. Tot i això, the name is inspired by the expression to be the black sheep of the family. We feel like a mica in this way: different per (she) who likes nature and who is interested in having a cure for the environment (green).

What has been assumed by your project regarding the adjustment of the FCRI?
Marta: Aquest ajut ens ha motivat molt. Estem desenvolupant aquest projecte amb moltes ganes. Furthermore, we are learning very much in the field of dissemination and communication.

With the help of the videos financed by the FCRI, can you name who you are afraid of and treat the ends now and reveal the next ones you fear that you will treat or prefer to surprise the people who follow you to the social networks?
Andrea: Let’s diversify themes and territory. Fins ara hem fet divulgació of three citizen science projects and two research projects. Soon, we will explain a project that investigates the papallones. In general, I revealed the contingut that they would treat a few days before publishing the video to our social networks. Let’s keep the surprise and ens can continue to discover-ho.

L’Ovella Verda is beautiful in Catalan and stands out for the dissemination of environmental issues in a very attractive way that reaches the youngest public through Instagram, Twitter, TikTok7 and YouTube. Are you also outside the Catalan-speaking territories?
Andrea: Abans de L’Ovella Verda, August 2020, we created La Oveja Verde and followed people from outside Catalonia. In passing, in September 2021, after the project in Catalan, some of these people will stop following, and all the others will remain. I many people from Catalonia and other Catalan-speaking territories are going to encourage more people to follow us for the faith in Catalan, since it is a distinctive tret. Pel que fa a los peoplees que segueixen que segueixen de la lengua catalana, hi ha que s’eforça a tendre-ho, tot i que ens escortes menys els podcasts i, in canvi, is to look more at the videos because in being subtitled it turns out to be easier to understand.

I am a referent for sectors of the society on classical scientific popularization not above. Do I also want to be an advocate for making younger people aware of the effects of climate change and how to act to minimize it?
Marta: Yes, we are an altar that serves to raise awareness of the effects of climate change. Per això fem serve eines with Reels or TikTok to reach the youngest people. Furthermore, we also want to raise awareness among people who show little interest in the environment. It is very easy to arrive at someone who previously had a minimum concern for these fears and, in exchange, it is all one repte to manage to arrive at someone who is interested. Per això, ens estem formant, i learn day by day, to be able to dare the attention of these people.

Darrere de l’Ovella verda hi ha dues young people who fan environmental dissemination in Catalan. Is it an extinct species to protect or a green sprout?
Andrea: We are optimists. I am a green brot. Coneixem altres projects, both scientific dissemination and environmental dissemination, in Catalan. We just need to donate to know more and delve into communication techniques to be able to reach qui volem, al nostre públic. Each cop is younger than we are using social networks more than entertainment, with high hopes of arriving at a missatge that every day we share with our environment more proper and that we also volem to arrive at many more people.

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