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A 20-year-old with a record: this is the one detained for the brutal rape in Igualada

The city of Igualada, 65 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​woke up a little calmer yesterday after learning that the Mossos d’Esquadra had arrested the alleged perpetrator of a brutal sexual assault five and a half months ago against a 16-year-old girl.

The case shocked the Barcelona town: The victim spent two months in the ICU and suffers serious consequences as a result of the violation. “We arrest a man in Igualada allegedly related to the sexual assault suffered by a young woman in this town on November 1,” the Catalan police announced early in the morning.

For almost half a year a rapist was on the loose and the public became afraid, to the point that the council had to install twenty cameras in the street. The minor went out with her friends to party to celebrate Halloween night in a nightclub, in a polygon of Igualada. She was found by a trucker naked and unconscious in a field.

It was 6 in the morning and he had tried to return home by train. The driver even thought that she was dead and covered her with a blanket, before calling the emergency services. She had suffered a brutal sexual assault. She was hit with an iron bar on the head and was admitted for a skull fracture and tears to the anus and vagina. As a result of the savagery, she will have to wear hearing aids due to the loss of almost 90% of the sensitivity of one ear.

After learning of the arrest of the alleged aggressor, the mother confessed on Telecinco that she had a “bittersweet” feeling. The arrest gives the family the “peace” they needed, but at the same time affects the victim by remembering the hell she went through. “My daughter is in a state of ‘shock’, she is reliving everything. She is depressed and taking a lot of medication,” she stated. “She is receiving psychological assistance and studying what she can, she wants to continue and have a future,” said the mother, who launched a denunciation campaign the day after the rape and sent a letter to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, in which demanded the death penalty for rapists.

In more than five and a half months, she has had to undergo surgery five times. And she is still in the physical recovery phase. The psychological will take years.

long investigation

The arrested person, who is expected to be brought to justice between today and tomorrow, is a 20-year-old resident of Igualada of Bolivian origin. The regional police arrested him for sexual assault and it remains to be seen if the judge ends up also charging him with the crime of attempted murder, as claimed by the family’s lawyer.

After his arrest, the Mossos took the alleged aggressor to his home, in the center of Igualada, right next to the town hall, to collect evidence, especially biological or personal evidence.

The record lasted more than seven hours. On the way out, she covered her head and face with a red hood. The silence that followed described the moments of tension and anguish that have been experienced these months in the Barcelona town.

The sadism used by the young man, who almost killed the victim with a metal bar, is what led the investigators to think at first that the motive for the crime went beyond sexual assault, so at first focused on people related to the minor. Among others, a boy that the victim had met on social networks and with whom he stayed on the fateful Halloween night.

Discarded the option of acquaintances, the Police went to plan B: follow the trail of a young man who had two records for sexual crimes. He had no relationship with the victim, which is why the investigators have taken so long to find the alleged rapist. The individual has been betrayed by the cell phone, which places him at the scene of the incident at the time of the attack.

DNA analysis will be the determining test. The Generalitat and the city council will appear as a private prosecution.

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