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900 people participate in a Montblanc Medieval Weekend that is expected to break records

«It will be a Medieval Weekend with an absolute record of visitors», said the Mayor of Montblanc, Josep Andreu, in the presentation of this event, which in this 35th edition recovers the format of two weekday caps –the two propers–.

The sale of tickets for the actes de pagoment is going to be fine. Així, in due hours is going to run out of the Medieval Sopar. Neither did I have for one of the two representations of the Legend. The party will open with the proclamation of the meteorologist Mònica Usort. And another very special guest will be the cartoonist and cartoonist Pilarín Bayés, who will cover the Espasa d’Honor of the Medieval Association of the Legend of Sant Jordi de Montblanc.

As long as there are three days because the Medieval Week starts – I will go to the sis in the afternoon of divendres with Mònica Usort’s address to the Plaça Major –, they have donated to share some of the novelties of this edition. Maties Martí, president of the organizing association, breaks down the actes nous, with the theatrical cantata The legend of the Princess and Sant Jordi –dissabte 23 a les cinc de la Tarda i diumenge 24 a les dotze del migdia, al claustre de Sant Francesc–, a performance “that trench stereotypes”.

Plaça de Catalunya is already set. Photo: Angel Juanpere

On Sant Jordi’s day, at the Portal del mateix nom, Sant Jordi tot l’any will be presented, an app –of which l’any passat is going to have a taste– about what Montblanc was like in the medieval period, the wall of Sant Jordi and the lliurament of the rose by part of the cavaller, because tothom pugui reviure the passat during tot l’any.

The nightly medieval tournament returns, which will be two quarters of a month from the vespre of dissabte 30 to the recently opened wall of Sant Francesc. I l’acte de cloenda, day 1 at the sis in the afternoon at the church of Santa Maria, will be Dones de llegenda, a representation –which should have been in 2020– and that is dedicated to the gifts, «donating the value that they did not have in the medieval period», sentenced Martí.

And in this closing of the festival is lliurarà l’Espasa d’Honor, which will be enchanted by Pilarín Bayés, a lady who has spent almost her entire life in the world of children’s culture, with more than 700 published books and thousands of drawings , recalled the president of the association.


Maties Martí acknowledges that 98 per cent of the gear of the festival has been recovered, with 900 people raffling in the different acts. All except three are open-air and mostly free.

Of the ones that are not, of the representation of the Llegenda ja s’han venut about 2,200 tickets –namely, 30% of the representation of the eleventh night remains–, about 380 –60%– of the medieval jocs, 370 of the sopar –enguany hi haurà a hundred menys of diners– and 380 –40%– of the concert Dracum Nocte. For això, he said that if there were 20,000 visitors «they would be full of content, because they wouldn’t fit any more» .

On whether there is a pla B in pluja cases, he indicated that for some acts, yes. For example, the lliurament of the rose is due to the church of Sant Francesc, and he asked the room of the courts of the mateixa església, «but for the representation of the Legend we don’t have enough space.

Appearance that offered here killed a tram of the wall of Sant Jordi. Photo: Angel Juanpere

Joan Anton Font, the king of enguany, assured that «the assajos have anat molt bé. In two dies passarem from the 21st to the 13th century». He claims that “we are real actors, we are disembarking”, and he appreciates the association because it helps them to become part of the role. At her expense, the queen –Maria Serra Balanyà– also highlighted the good harmony that she had seen in the assajos, «ens ho hem passat molt bé and hem try to work as much as possible».

“Ho afrontem amb motes ganes, es una vez a la vida”, said the cavaller –Josep Maria Roca Chapinal–, while the princess –Anna Cubero Balcells– recognized that the mesos d’assaig “s’han fet curts”.

The mayor, Josep Andreu, is very content with the prospects that he has for the Medieval Week of Enguany, after he has anat the Holy Week, “the figures have exceeded that of 2019,” he said.

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